Australian National Disgrace

Open letter to General Peter Cosgrove, Chief of the Australian Defence Forces.

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you about a HORRIFIC EVENT. Some Australians have been charged with exercising their freedom of speech. I only found about this yesterday. I don't follow Australian news, I'm more interested in the spread of freedom in the Middle East. I didn't even believe it when I was told about it. Australia is a free country. You can say whatever you damn well want. It's our birthright. We're Australians! But I did a google search, and he was telling the truth. My first reaction to this was that I decided to go to Melbourne and repeat what they had said, so that I could go to jail myself. The fascist Brax government can't arrest all of us.

And then I thought to myself - what's this "all of us"? Why aren't 20 million Australians ALREADY in Brax's gulags? And that's when it dawned on me. Australia has lost its soul. That's why at the time of the Iraq war, 36% of Australians supported holocaust/state-slavery/institutionalized rape in Iraq. We've turned into cowards unwilling to even stand up for our freedom of speech. This isn't the country that stood up to the Japanese in WWII, who were on their way to introduce us to the quaint concept of "comfort women". No. This is the country that frogmarched millions of South Vietnamese allies off to commie gulags against their will. The Australia that I once thought I lived in, has died long ago. But let's see what we can salvage from the wreckage.

You know, for years I have argued with the whacky Americans, who insisted that their constitution made them "more free" than the rest of the world, as they boasted about being the "land of the free and the home of the brave". They had this whacky concept that the Australian Government had the right to grant itself unlimited powers and abrogate our freedoms, while their constitution and Bill of Rights limited what the government could do. I argued with them, told them that they were nut jobs who had simply never met any Australians, and that the Australian Army would never allow the government to do that, they would stand by the people. You can't imagine how much it pains me to have to admit that I was wrong all along, and they were right. You really can't trust the government. The Marxist Brax appears to have aligned with the Islamofascists and by doing so his parasitic party could continue the only policy it knows, ie steal as much from the rich as you can, while you can. The left-wing has long ago sold out human rights and principles.

But, Brax is not the Australian Prime Minister. The Australian Prime Minister, once realising that the fundamental human rights of Australians to freedom of speech had been abrogated, should have called an emergency referendum to install a Bill of Rights, as the Americans have. So that we're no longer dependent on a whacky constitution that gives us no explicit rights at all, and instead, people desperately have to say it "implies" rights. Yeah, right. I don't know what game John Howard is trying to play. Maybe he's trying to show that it's Labor that abuses the trust we give to governments to do the right thing. However, by doing so he has cooked his own goose. He is now complicit in the abrogation of our human rights. It's not just 2 Australians who have lost their rights. It's 20 million. As we have shown that Australians have no constitutional protection of their rights. Governments really can take them away. And you know what the worst thing is about it? YOU let them.

My grandfathers fought in World War 2 so that I would be free. They passed on this precious gift of freedom to YOU. Freedom was a gift that they ENTRUSTED to you, which you were to DEFEND WITH YOUR LIFE and then PASS IT ON TO OUR GRANDCHILDREN. You have violated their trust. You have let our freedom slip away ON YOUR WATCH. It is OUTRAGEOUS. Regardless of whether the majority of Australians have turned into cowards, or adopted the siren song of Marxism, MINORITIES HAVE RIGHTS TOO. Those 2 men, who stand alone, are the best Australians we have. They weren't even born here, and they're more Australian than you. They are standing up for freedom while you stand idly by and watch them go to jail. Have you watched "A Few Good Men"? The "just obeying orders" excuse DOESN'T CUT IT. You have a RESPONSIBILITY to protect the weaker members of society. And if the Australian Prime Minister sells out our human rights for whatever political games he is trying to play, he FORFEITS HIS RIGHT TO GOVERN.

Given that people make up any old crap that is "implied" by our constitution (in the absence of actually having a sensible constitution), I'll tell you what's IMPLIED by the constitution. What is implied is that when you wear the uniform of the Australian Army, you HONOUR THE UNIFORM THAT MY GRANDFATHER WORE. What is implied by our constitution is that you DEFEND WITH YOUR LIFE the human rights of Australians. What is implied by our constitution is that when you see the Australian Prime Minister ignoring human rights abuses of Australian citizens, you REPLACE HIM SIR. YOU REPLACE HIM. It is your DUTY to enact a coup and fix this problem by installing a Bill of Rights by force of arms, exactly as the American Revolutionaries did. This experiment of "trusting the government" has FAILED. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to retake our lost freedoms. Freedoms which YOU lost. They were lost on YOUR WATCH SIR. The longer you delay the more you dishonour your uniform. I refuse to live on my knees any more Sir. I'd rather be shot as a "traitor". If you aren't willing to do what needs to be done, then RESIGN and let someone who still remembers what freedom means take your place.

Hell, I'd rather Australia become an American colony. I don't care if I don't get to vote. I trust the Americans to install a rational, humanist, non-subjugating government. I trust them to protect my freedom of speech. I trust them to hold it as sacrosanct. What I don't trust is Australian politicians, the Australian Constitution, or the Australian Defence Force. I used to naively trust all 3 institutions, but all 3 have broken my trust. You should be ashamed of yourself, Sir. You have dishonoured the blood of all the Australian soldiers that have died to give you your freedom. You lost the freedom they ENTRUSTED you with. Entrusted you with to give to our children, Sir. It was meant to be for our children. It's NOT YOUR PROPERTY to lose, Sir. It's your grandchildren's property, Sir. ON YOUR WATCH SIR. How could you do this Sir? How can you look your children in the eye, Sir? Resign sir. Resign with whatever little dignity you have left. Or try to find the courage necessary to stand up to John Howard who has sold us out. The ADF can rip through Howard's pathetic collection of bodyguards like a hot knife through butter. You know it and I know it sir. It is your DUTY to stage a coup, Sir. As implied by our constitution (at least if you ask the right person).

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