The Real Reason (TM)

I have noticed from debates that many people insist that there was a "real reason" for invading Iraq, and that that reason was control of oil or empire-creation. The invasion of Iraq was supported by people all over the world, with roughly half the populations of USA, Australia and the UK supporting it, and a majority of Kuwaitis too. If you want to know what the "real reason" is, you should simply ask those who supported the war why they did it. Our governments are merely reflections of the wider community. If the community has a reason for wanting it, the government probably has the exact same reasons itself. Just go to www.whitepages.com.au and ring up 10 random Australians, and ASK them why they supported the war. I bet The main reason is simply that Saddam was seen as a general threat to the world. If you are lucky enough to get a neocon out of your 5 pro-war Australians, you'll also hear about the need for Middle East reform. To end the hatred emanating from the "Arab Street". I bet you get a big fat ZERO who wanted to steal/control oil. It doesn't make any difference to us whether we buy oil from a dictatorship or a democracy, the price is the same. We do like the idea of Iraq's oil wealth going to the people of Iraq instead of a dictator though. And it was expected that the majority of Iraqis would appreciate that change too. And indeed, half did! It is ludicrous to think that there's some secret plot that all of our democracies have managed to keep secret. WMD (which was a violation of the UN ceasefire agreement) was given as the main reason because it had the widest support and best legal excuse. But the other reasons you can find in articles on the internet. Or just ring people up - go ahead, I dare you! Just pretend to be doing a survey. Please respect the time differences though! To translate a Sydney number like (02) 9123 4567 into international, just chop off the "0" and replace it with "+61", so that the number becomes +61 2 9123 4567. The "+" means you should put your international dialling code there.

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