The Cause

Hello and welcome to my blog. Ever since I was a child I wished we could bring freedom to Eastern Europe, so that they could democratically choose whether or not they wanted to live under communism. I cannot describe how elated I was when communism fell. I had expected that the Russians would join us in freeing the rest of the world after that, but it unfortunately didn't happen, and dictatorship (state-slavery) still reigns in a lot of the world. The only protest I have ever been on in my life was against the Chinese Communist Party after they slaughtered the children in Tianamen Square. Listen up you commie bastards - those were MY children you slaughtered. Fellow anti-subjugators (freedom-fighters). My tribe is the anti-subjugators, and it was my brothers and sisters that you killed. I will do what I can to topple your dictatorship and set the rest of my kin free. And Taiwan will be defended at all cost too.

And now I would like to speak to the woman in the bottom left-hand corner here. I want you to know that I am OUTRAGED that your government did this to you. While we can't stop every criminal and prevent every atrocity, we can sure as hell make it ILLEGAL for this to be done to you. In Australia, we don't even allow people to treat ANIMALS this way. We have the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). But we don't have a similar organization to prevent cruelty to humans who happen to live in different geographical areas to us. As if they don't matter. And don't think that the feminists are doing anything to help you. Do you think they applauded Bush ending institutionalized rape in Iraq? Nope. They are too busy trying to create trumped up charges against men in their own countries. See here.

But you don't have to suffer alone. I feel your pain and suffering. I have empathy for you. I am in the tribe of humans and no fellow human should suffer like this. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to free you and bring you the justice you deserve. As a human you have human rights, and this sort of thing is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. I live in a democracy, and if I can get 50.00001% of Australia to agree that the government that did this to you needs to be toppled, then the Australian military can liberate you. This is my promise to you. I will do everything I can to get John Howard, the current Australian Prime Minister, to set our military loose. As far as I am concerned, Australia's highest priority should be your plight, and the plight of any other person being subjugated.

Australia should lead a coalition of the free world, to topple the remaining dictators, in a strategic manner (ie one at a time). The US could take the lead, but the US is quite isolationist by nature and also tends to have a narrowly-defined "national interest". Australia is more of an anti-subjugator country by nature, and not very nationalistic. We see ourselves as members of the world, especially the free world, not a different species, and we're quite used to going overseas to liberate people. Australia should dedicate its efforts to force-projection so that we can liberate Iran. Abandon territorial defence. No-one would dare attack us, we have too many friends in America and Europe. Our military can be of more use by ripping through the Middle East and Africa, toppling insidious regimes and replacing them with humanist, anti-subjugating liberal democracies. If we can't get a coalition to back us up, we should act unilaterally, taking on dictators that are within our capability to topple. No-one from the free world will stop us from bringing freedom to others. We were so easily able to bring freedom to the people of the Solomon Islands that it is outrageous that the chaos was allowed to reign for YEARS when it was so easy to stop.

If the Chinese communists want to stand in our way, let them show their hand. We need to be leaning forward advancing the cause of freedom. To quote Kasparov, "For the first time in history, we are in a position to checkmate tyranny". Let us seize the moment and help bring justice to the many victims of injustice. The problem is not technical. We have the armed forces already trained and equipped. The problem is lack of political will to deploy them. This is where I see my role. Changing public opinion. Making the free world ashamed for turning a blind eye to the plight of those living in dictatorships. This is my cause.

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