My interest is in expanding and protecting the free world.

Ukraine is split down the middle over whether to join the West or Russia. At the most recent presidential elections, the pro-Russians won. This is a disastrous situation, the same sort of situation that exists in Northern Ireland.

As per this map there is a clear division geographically, with the West Ukrainians voting for a pro-Western candidate and the East Ukrainians voting for a pro-Russian candidate.

I believe the Ukraine should be split into West Ukraine and East Ukraine. I just hope that the invading Russians stop after conquering East Ukraine. This will give the West Ukrainians a chance to protect themselves in NATO.

Note that there is only 28% of Ukrainians who wish to join NATO. I suspect most of those are in West Ukraine and a majority of sensible people in West Ukraine would wish to protect their freedom in NATO.

Note that changing government via street demonstrations is invalid. That's not how democracies have changes of government.

At a later date I hope that East Ukrainians wake up to themselves that Russia is a crappy ally and apply to join NATO and reunite with West Ukraine. But I wouldn't hold my breath for that.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine should also serve as a calling card for the West to invade Syria, with a "we'll get out of Syria when you get out of Ukraine".

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