Small Mercies

Recently I was disturbed by this:

"The Shadow Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has defended Tony Abbott against Labor attacks on his foreign policy credentials, after Abbott on Sunday described the Syrian conflict as ‘not goodies versus baddies, but baddies versus baddies’."

Tony Abbott = Liberal Party = right-wing, pro-war.

Labor = left-wing, anti-war

I see the war as goodies (revolutionaries) + baddies (Al Qaeda) vs baddies (Asad).

We should be providing the goodies air support instead of leaving these poor people to fight by themselves.

Note that we aligned with a baddie (Stalin) during WW2. That didn't make us bad!

Abbot/Bishop have made a terrible slur against the good and brave revolutionaries.

However, as per this:

"But Mr Abbott also said the United States would have Australia's strongest support if military force was required."

What he is saying is music to my ears. Although better music would be if he was actively lobbying for war.

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