Birds of a Feather

I went to Cumberland Hospital today to pick up medication, and as I was nearly there I saw some birds (two non-budgie species) dive-bombing a budgie. I intervened on the budgie's side by standing near it chasing away approaching birds. I also held out my finger for the bird to land on if it wanted true Close Air Support. To my surprise, the budgie didn't waste any time and flew to my finger.

I then continued to the hospital, but by the time I got there, the bird had moved onto my shoulder. It continued to stay with me while I got the medication, and my intention was to take it back to where we met, then I was going to sit with the bird until it felt like leaving. However, shortly before we returned to the same spot, it decided to jump off and inspect the road, and then a short while later flew off.

So that is very interesting power dynamics. It also shows that I am an anti-speciesist. I am willing to have a relationship with another species. God making friends with another species is the equivalent of the One True God doing inter-universe travel.

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