Satan Vanquished

It turns out that Satan is not a physical being. It is the IDEOLOGY of pacifism.

Edwards, Paul 11:12 AM

oh, so did you read that link about gandhi thinking that hitler was a cool

gandhi 11:12 AM

I did read that

Edwards, Paul 11:13 AM

and what did you think?

gandhi 11:14 AM

Come on Paul. I do not take that seriously. That is just one off
incident, and again people may be quoting out off context

HNormally ladies (speaciily my wife) real expert on quoting the things
real "out of context"

I do not make my judgement based on just one incident

Edwards, Paul 11:16 AM

so in what context was hitler a cool guy? reducing germany's carbon
footprint by exterminating jews?

gandhi 11:18 AM

We do not know why Gandhi said that or under what
context/suituation he said that

Edwards, Paul 11:18 AM

i think he said it because he was an anti-british racist

like so many indians

who have been brainwashed by the indian education system

which is exactly why i'm marrying the philippines, not india

even though indian women are hotter

gandhi 11:19 AM

Come on Paul....

Edwards, Paul 11:20 AM

and it's no wonder india was a "neutral" in the battle between good and evil
during the Cold War

it's morally bankrupt

i would never marry such a nation

gandhi 11:21 AM

Being "neutral" is not bad at all

Edwards, Paul 11:21 AM

it is very very bad indeed, gandhi

i hope one day you realise that

haven't you heard the saying - all it takes for evil to prevail is for good
men to do nothing?

gandhi 11:22 AM

Absoultely you are rigth

Edwards, Paul 11:23 AM

when iraqi women were being raped by their own government, the indian
government did nothing at all

it will regret that choice

when history is properly written, it will show that india was evil too

gandhi 11:24 AM

Normally my view is only offer help when they have asked for

not to do it voluenterily

Edwards, Paul 11:25 AM

if you didn't hear the screams of the iraqi women as they were being raped
by their own government, asking for anyone, anyone at all, to come and help
them, you must be deaf

gandhi 11:25 AM

I do not really listern to that

Edwards, Paul 11:25 AM

well God does

and he noticed that you failed to listen or respond

so hinduism is a bankrupt religion too

join the Mu'tazilah instead

gandhi 11:27 AM

You may be right. I disaggree that hinduism is bankrupt religion

Edwards, Paul 11:27 AM

when millions of hindus failed to petition their government to respond to
the screams of the iraqi women, it is safe to say that hinduism is a morally
bankrupt religion

i will destroy it personally

gandhi 11:28 AM

What I believe(and most Indian believe) is "Mind your Own Busissness:

Edwards, Paul 11:28 AM

the rape of any woman, anywhere in the world, is most definitely my
business, and it should have been yours too

gandhi 11:28 AM

never intervene into other cuntry business

Edwards, Paul 11:28 AM

read my enlightenment document

i divide the world by ideology, not nation-state

gandhi 11:30 AM

I gave great respect for you beacuse you are "world citizen"

Edwards, Paul 11:30 AM

then it's time to start respecting yourself equally

it is completely arbitrary which chunk of land you were born on

what counts is a nation's heart/ideology

gandhi 11:32 AM

I respect borderless and free world but I can't go and do
something for people who can't appreciate that that you
voluentarily as you do

What hasppens in Afganistan

Edwards, Paul 11:33 AM

many iraqis appreciated being released from a holocaust. the ones that
didn't were as morally bankrupt as india

in afghanistan the battle between good and evil is also being waged. what
about it?

it's also being waged in every other country in the world

and it's being waged between you and me right noww

i strongly suggest you surrender

gandhi 11:34 AM

I absolutley surrender to you views.

Edwards, Paul 11:35 AM


gandhi 11:35 AM

You have a great sole

Edwards, Paul 11:35 AM

there is a saying - the best way to defeat an enemy is to turn him into a

i hope we can be friends and allies moving forward

and let bygones be bygones

and i'd love to see you at my wedding

gandhi 11:37 AM

[censored at gandhi's request]

  Anyway I will stop that now.

When are you getting merried? date has been finalised?

Edwards, Paul 11:38 AM

not yet

we need to meet first

i've never been to the philippines

and she's never been to australia

gandhi 11:38 AM

Your nerver met her yet?

Edwards, Paul 11:38 AM


gandhi 11:39 AM

sounds like Indian organised marriage

I met my wife a few days before my wedding!

Edwards, Paul 11:39 AM

actually that's a very good thing from india

gandhi 11:39 AM

Good luck anyway

Edwards, Paul 11:40 AM

indian marriages are more successful

because people don't go into them with high expectations

from someone they've never met

maybe this internet dating thing really works?

fall in love on the internet first

gandhi 11:42 AM

Sounds good. At least you know he/she has same view

Edwards, Paul 11:42 AM

good point

gandhi 11:42 AM

Take care

Edwards, Paul 11:42 AM


gandhi 11:42 AM

we can contonue when you are back to work...

Edwards, Paul 11:42 AM

ok, look forward to that

gandhi 11:44 AM

Are your taking the medicine or you have to go to level of surgery ?

Edwards, Paul 11:44 AM

i'd like to see a marriage between ireland and the UK in particular

i take medication

gandhi 11:44 AM

that's better at least. i heard that it will never go away

anyway take care

Edwards, Paul 11:44 AM

and india and pakistan for that matter

ok, bye

gandhi 11:45 AM


Edwards, Paul 11:45 AM

and taiwan and china


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