Turkish Zakat

At the end of Ramadan, I told the Turkish government (via the Sydney consulate) that since I hadn't heard from them, I was going to give my zakat instead to selected poor Filipinos, rather than a faceless and unaccountable NGO. But the Turkish government suddenly replied that they had in fact contacted me, but the email must have gotten lost. They resupplied the account details.

I did a search on the account number provided, and found (on NATO's website) that it is this. Basically Turkey has asked for others to assist with the Syrian refugee problem. So there is a way of funnelling money to the Turkish government, and that is a great place to be donating money. It is ironic that the Red Cross etc don't have charities specifically for Syria, but the Turkish government does. And if we take that burden off the Turkish government's shoulders, then that means there is more money available for wars of choice (ie I hope they will liberate Syria, with or without NATO assistance).

So I encourage everyone to give all or part of their zakat (or other charity money for non-Muslims like my family) to the Turkish government via the above bank account.

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