De-humanizing Westerners

I missed Friday prayers last week, but this week they had the presumed Burmese back on. ie the one that the police don't seem to be interested in. But that's better than them being interested in silencing me, instead.

Anyway, this prick spent the whole time dehumanizing Westerners. Saying that we only followed our own desires, not caring about the consequences. And that we export our selfish desires internationally, when we spread so-called freedom and so-called democracy to others, when all we are doing is trying to exploit them. And we're all criminals and pedophiles too, because we're not following Allah's will.

This prick insulted me, my family and my country. Who let people like this in in the first place? We should have some sort of questionnaire that says something like "before you migrate to the West, do you hate the West or love the West or are you neutral?". Only let in those, like Filipinos, who love the West, and do not in any way whatsoever want to incite terrorism.

Good grief. It's not at all surprising that Muslims become terrorists when they get this pumped into their "brains" every week, with nothing to counter it. I have enough on my main website to counter all this indoctrination, but pricks like this get a better podium than I do.

At the end of the day, there's absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent a Muslim from picking up a gun and mowing down white people because of their racism and religious bigotry. Only changing the ideology of the non-white Muslims can possibly counter the terrorism. Just inspecting passengers as they get on jets is missing the entire point completely. As you saw in Rwanda, racism is spread to individuals, who can pick up a machete at any time. There's no military solution for this, except for one that makes massive changes to the education system.

Anyway, trust me, as a Muslim myself (depending on your definition of "Muslim" - I pray 5 times per day, I fast during Ramadan, I pay the zakat, I said the shahada, but I haven't been to Mecca yet), I am all for a Muslim vs Muslim war to eradicate my ideological enemies. It's pricks like this that dehumanized Jews before gassing them. Did he ever stop to consider why no-one in the West at all gives two hoots about Chinese Buddhists, but are somewhat wary about Muslims? It couldn't possibly be something to do with Muslims themselves, could it? Hell no! That would require introspection and self-criticism!

By the way, the more I practice Islam, the more I realise that Islam surely is from God. Try doing the physical machinations of praying. It's not like the Christian put your hands together, or the Buddhist nod your head. This is really physical exercise, and if it wasn't a religious requirement (with people ringing me up to make sure I was fulfilling my religious obligations), I'd have virtually no exercise. Instead I now need to do "stand-ups" or whatever they're called, 17 times per day. Also, another thing that is required is fasting, which is a prelude to dieting. Basically this is everything that the modern world needs as far as body is concerned. And there's also the Friday prayers to get the population out on the street at once, ready to hold a revolution, which would be possible if it wasn't for sophisticated modern weaponry. But first things first. I am happy that I am now very clearly a player in the Muslim vs Muslim war to praise, instead of dehumanizing, the West. Mu'tazilah 4ever!

P.S. I can think of one reason why they would let large numbers of these pricks into the country. To create a critical mass so that these people can get organized enough to hold a prayer centre like the one I went to, so that they could get me personally to psychoanalyze these pricks and create policies/documentation to counter their deadly message, for international use. Because otherwise the chances of me going to a Muslim prayer centre, presumably in a Muslim country, were basically nil.

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