Libyan Tartus

Open Letter to Mahmoud Jibril, Prime Minister elect of Libya

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on your resounding victory, according to preliminary results. It was truly a joy watching the beautiful Libyan people lining up to vote. Some couldn't even sleep the night before election day. Totally totally beautiful. And the brave Libyans who stood up against Gaddafi's automatic weapons - in the words of an Australian TV station - "staggeringly brave".

However, now that Libya is on a path to be a permanent and proud member of the free world, let us turn our attention to the poor Syrians, who have been in open revolt for 1.5 years, but simply do not have the technical means to overcome the regime's security apparatus. Libya was only able to do that thanks to NATO air support. And NATO was only authorized to act because the UN authorized it. The chumps at NATO may well have left the Libyan rebels high and dry without that crucial UN resolution, just as they are doing now in Syria. We'll never know.

The UN resolution was only possible in Libya thanks to Russia abstaining. Note that Russia abstaining was a huge step for them, and one that we should be immensely grateful for. Russia is very very wary about the NATO juggernaut, and is looking for someone, anyone, to prevent NATO expansion. Gaddafi was better for them as "the anti-western devil you know". It is a complete miracle that they agreed to abstain. They're certainly not repeating that in Syria!

Anyway, I'd like to ask you a favour. Clearly you have no obligation to grant me a favour, but I'd like to ask anyway.

Would you be able to draw a line in the sand regarding Russia's past bad behaviour, acknowledge that they did a very moral thing by abstaining in that UN vote, and then allowing them to have a permanent port in Libya, so that Tartus (in Syria) is no longer important to them?

We both know that Russia is crazy-a-bonkers for having a Mediterranean fleet at all. I have no idea what they think they are doing. If there was every a conventional war between NATO and Russia, their stupid ships would be sunk in less than an hour. But for some reason, they think that swanning around in the Mediterranean is important. And if it's important to them, it's important to me, as I want to allay their concerns about the NATO juggernaut. It is NOT out to enslave them. The Russians still have a very nationalist mindset, which prevents them from seeing that. Good news is that there is nothing genetically wrong with Russians that is preventing them from joining the free world at some stage in the future. We have a living example of a defecting Russian which proves that.

You can probably get NATO to pay for the base's construction, and perhaps Libya could provide free fuel to the Russian warships.

Have a think about it, and I hope you come to the same conclusion I do. If the Russians are weaned off Tartus, then hopefully it will allow a UN resolution to pass, and Syria can be liberated soon, before the revolution peters out and we're back to endless decades of Syrian dictatorship.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards, Australia.

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