Libya - Fuck Yeah!

Preliminary results have shown that the Libyans have excelled themselves. They have voted 81% for secular parties vs 19% for Islamists.

Note that Libya came close to passing election laws that would have prevented Islamists from even running. That is in fact the ideal - don't allow religion (or any other dogma) to participate in elections. Let it be a pure left-right economic split instead. However it rescinded those laws.

Anyway, this seems to be the one country in the Middle East not afraid to ally with the Free West, so we should take quick advantage of that, and make them the public face of NATO. Especially the political face. But honestly, it doesn't matter if they take the military face either. No matter how incompetent they are at managing NATO weaponry, NATO is just way too powerful to lose against any of these tinpot countries like Syria. But it is the political face that is most important. The Americans should stay very very quiet, and if they are ever asked "will you be liberating Syria?", should simply say "that is a political question that should be directed to the Libyan government".

But you know what? The first thing I would politely ask the Libyans to do is to host a Russian naval base, so that they are no longer dependent on Tartus in Syria. If the Russians want to waste their time swanning around in the Meditteranean, I say - why not?

Anyway, I was so happy to see this beautiful girl talking about how she couldn't sleep the night before the election she was so excited. Man I love seeing people vote.

I would also suggest to the Libyans that they adopt the preferential voting system that we have in Australia, which is far better than what the US/UK have. They can get the Bill of Rights from the US though, as politicians simply can't be trusted to not put limits on freedom of speech.

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