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Note that just before the end of the Australian financial year (ie ending 2012-06-30), I attempted to contact the FSA to donate $10,000 to them, hopefully in a way that could be registered as a tax deduction. I never received a reply from them, nor did they take my call. I tried contacting a Syrian civilian I know, to try ringing them, but that didn't gain contact either. Shortly after I was arrested for one of my violent blog posts, but even when I was released I still didn't get any reply. Anyway, here's the email chain ...

2012-06-28 16:54 ...

Vvvvv, and I want this to be completely hands off for me.
ie I just want FSA to name an internationally-recognized
charity. One that I can look up for myself on wikipedia, make
sure it's not a terrorists without borders type of deal, and
donate to it.

So what does the FSA want me to choose?

Is Red Cross acceptable?
Red Crescent?
Doctors Without Borders? (are they helping out in Syria?).

Tell me so that I can make an international transfer tonight
(it's 5pm here, so it'll be processed tomorrow now).

Thanks. Paul.

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Edwards
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 9:17 AM
To: vvvvv
Subject: Re: donations

Hi again Vvvvv.

As you can see from the follow-up, there is an urgency,
and people often take a long time to get around to
answering emails.

Would you be able to phone them on their provided



I have confirmed that "90" is the country code for
Turkey, so the number looks fine, except they haven't
put it in international form. Should be:


Interesting that they added "00" in front. Not sure which
country they got that practice from. 0011 is what we use
here, and the US is 011 I think.

Thanks. Paul.

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Edwards
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 8:59 AM
To: info@freesyrianarmy1.com
Subject: Re: donations

Actually, I would like to donate $10,000 - which is too much for
my credit card, and too much of a hassle via Western Union.

So instead please provide international banking details so that
I can do a direct bank to bank transfer. I bank with Citibank
Australia, and they're good with international transfers.

I would hope that the bank account you provide would be
based in a reputable country like Turkey, as I want to ensure
that my money does not go to terrorists (Palestinians etc).

Also I want this information to be somewhere on your
website, so that I know it's really the official account of
the FSA.

Also, can you please provide this information quickly, as I
would like to make the transfer before the end of the
financial year, so that I can claim the charitable donation
as a tax deduction.

To that end, could you also provide me a receipt after the
deposit, and date it with the date that I do the transfer,
which will hopefully be the 29th June.

Also, if you have a "donors" page, I would like to appear on
that too, so that the Syrian people know that at least one
Australian supported the right of the Syrian people to be
free, even if the damned Australian government didn't do
a damned bloody thing to help. Note that I already tried
writing to my Prime Minister asking her to help, but of
course she didn't reply, and probably didn't even read it.
We have a left-wing government in power at the moment,
and they don't care about human rights - only the right-wing
party (that I vote for) does.

Note that I am just an ordinary Australian citizen. I am not
associated with any government/corporation/etc. I am a
computer programmer by profession, working in the
financial industry. It's a high-paying job, and I think this
would be a reasonable size donation, although obviously
you need a lot more than that to win. I assume other
people are contributing what they can too.

Thanks. Paul.

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Edwards
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 6:54 AM
To: info@freesyrianarmy1.com
Subject: donations


I'd like to donate money to the Free Syrian Army.

1. Do you have a way I can make a secure credit card payment via
paypal or somesuch? Or maybe I can send it via Western Union?
I didn't see anything on your website:


Although it is all in Arabic. Can you please provide some minimal
English content?

2. I'd like to be sure that my money is going into actual weapons
and bullets, and not "care packs" and "blankets" and other useless
stuff that western governments are already willing to supply in
copious quantities to make it look like they're actually trying to
help. I know that it is expensive weapons that will actually help.
Can I have your assurance that my money will be used purely
for weaponry?

Note that I have also provided my own tips on what I think should
be tried next as a tactic, which you might like to read:


Thankyou for being the bravest men in the whole goddamned world.
I hope I can visit a free Syria one day. :-)


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