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With Aleppo, the Syrian resistance may well be wiped out. So long as my scientific understanding of war is correct, the rebels cannot win against a modern military. But we know that they're there. Good Syrian people with freedom in their hearts. Just as there was in Iraq after the failed 1991 uprising. For whatever reason (lack of UN resolution, it seems), the Western powers are unwilling to take action immediately in Syria, while the situation is in progress.

Politics is subject to change, and as such, one day, perhaps when there is a Republic president in the US, the US will see an opportunity (perhaps another terrorist attack), to ramp up the war machine again, and liberate Syria.

Ground troops will probably be required, because there are no convenient rebels to arm. I can assure you that if I were a Syrian, I would have a picture of Assad on my wall in every room of the house, and I would swear blind to anyone who asks that I totally support Assad, and I would be deeply offended if anyone suggested otherwise. Reality is I would be dreaming of an opportunity to slit Assad's throat. That's life under a cruel dictatorship. That's what the Syrians are about to return to unless there is a last-minute cavalry charge.

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