Time for Genocide?

Iraq is being subjected to terrorist attacks like this one that killed 32 people. Adjusted for population, that is about 10% of a 9/11, and Iraq is subjected to many such terrorist attacks by Sunni religious bigots. At some point the Iraqi people need to decide how much more of this they are willing to take before they strike back. They could choose to forcibly convert all Sunni to Shiite, or perhaps all Sunni to anything-but-Sunni. Changing people's religion is a pretty bloody enterprise. Iraq will hopefully lead the way for the rest of the world. It would be very fitting indeed if the 9/11 terrorists brought about an end to the Sunni religion.

Having said that - what then would be the solution to IRA terrorism if they refused to give up the fight? You could try converting people from Catholics to Protestants, but the trouble there is no religious bigotry. It's identification. Half of the population of Northern Ireland is identifying with the island of Ireland instead of the UK. I think kids need to be taught that nationalism itself is bad, and that the important thing is to live in a liberal democracy. And then you can show what the UK liberal democracy has done to shape the world for the better (such as ending the slave trade), which is something that is absent from the curriculum of the world. Instead we're fed a diet of lies about the UK subjugating others.

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