Time for Nuclear War

Great news! Kim Jong Il is dead. The heir apparent unfortunately does not appear to be a reformer who will introduce democracy, but is instead someone who is just as big a bastard as his father and grandfather. And the guy is young, which means we can look forward to his despotic rule for another 50 years, during which they will almost certainly be able to perfect their nuclear capability.

No thanks.

It's time to seize the moment. Survival of the human race is at stake. I don't want to see this peanut threatening the world with nuclear annihilation in 40 years from now. Whatever he has - let's get it out into the open now. And if China wishes to join in - let's get that rogue nation to show its true colours too so that we can fight a proper Cold War with it.

My recommendation is to forget about Syria and Iran for now. Do an airborne landing in North Korea, secure an airfield, then strike out to a port city. Do all this from aircraft carriers, not South Korea. Let South Korea scream obscenities about all this so that hopefully North Korea doesn't attack Seoul, which is in artillery range. If Seoul is attacked by artillery, then don't fuck around - literally nuke the artillery positions.

Hopefully there will be a short period of confusion in North Korea, as Kim Jong-un hasn't solidified his position yet. That's why now is the time to strike. The US troops have left Iraq now, and had a chance for a short break, so now it's time to redeploy to where they're needed for the future of humanity. Oh, and a good thing about this war is that it already has UN approval, as the previous UN approval never expired.

Nuclear weapons are a real downer, and we need to be honest about these damn things and get the threat out into the open. Collect Pakistan's nukes too. We just need to live with whatever damage they can do before we get our hands on them. Better that than our descendants needing to deal with a larger arsenal.

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