Liberated Libya

Well it is wonderful news that Libya is now liberated.

There is a chance that this freedom is only temporary though, like so many other changes of power in the Middle East. But I think the circumstances are different now, and we will see a smooth transition to democracy.

Regardless, freedom is so precious that we shouldn't take any chances. The existing militias should pledge loyalty to democracy and receive professional training. The more people who get trained the better, as democracy is after all, all about majority rule - so at some level the majority is expected to be able to defeat the minority in battle. So if the elections don't go the way some of the militias would have preferred, the majority needs to force the issue with guns. It would be beneficial to have NATO standing by ready to support the majority to make the task easier, but that's an unlikely luxury.

Once again Libya is making disturbing noises about being an Islamic state, but I have heard figures that 90% of Libyans are moderate Muslims, 5% are radical Islamists and 5% are radical leftists. So let's hope the majority get their vote.

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