Endless Cash

It seems that many people believe the solution to the world's problems is endless amounts of money being transferred from someone to someone else. It's a dead-end equation. The money is not requested as a once-off payment to get people out of a hole so that they can make structural changes and possibly even repay the money (or transfer the favour onto someone else). And nor is there any analysis of the money already being paid to see if it is being squandered. Nor is root cause analysis done to find out if the problem is in fact people breeding out of control so that some sort of China-like "one child policy" can be implemented.

Speaking of China. As discussed, I wish for China or some other force to invade Australia as a once-off task to fix the political system in Australia where there is no real debate (such as the above) because the elites that control the media decide what the terms of the debate will be. I do NOT want sanctions on Australia. I want to be liberated - not punished for something that I have no ability to change. I note that China is building an aircraft carrier. That's fantastic news for those of us waiting for Liberation Day. And as I said - East Timor should be available as a launch pad. Just pay them off, China.

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