Cosmic Justice

Some people have a difficult time accepting that there are inalienable human rights, and that as such, when Saddam was ordering the rape of Iraqi women, he could in no way be considered legitimate (if a dictator can ever be considered legitimate). Some will say that it's just nature, or culture that causes these things to happen, and we should just ignore it. After all, we couldn't directly hear the Iraqi women saying that they didn't want to be raped, and that this should not in any way be considered part of their culture.

If there was "cosmic justice" in the world, then what should happen is every few decades you should be required to exchange places with a random person in the world. The chances are good that you will end up in the 3rd world if this were to happen. As a hedge against that, you should be taking action now, to make sure that the 3rd world is not the horror it currently is. As I have said before, that involves things like recolonizing Africa.

But before we can even do things like that, we need to know what people around the world actually want. How can we have justice in the world when we don't even know whether Iraqi women like Saddam having total power over them or not? To that end, we need to be able to question the people around the world to find out what they want. And for that, they need to have an environment of freedom. So as a first step, we need to set up liberal democracies just so we can find out what people innately want. And when finding out what they want, they should have the full range of options to choose from. ie information should not be suppressed.

So the driver of cosmic justice is to me enough to both justify the Iraq war and provide urgency to it. And for other liberations. We need to hear people talking freely about what they want, so that we can then attempt to provide fair rules that will hopefully allow more people to get what they want. Unless you think a just world is not important, in which case my response is that you deserve to end up on the bottom rung when body swaps start happening (or reincarnation).

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