One of the annoying things I am facing is that there's not a very good "focus" for the liberation efforts underway.

When Iraq was being liberated, we had the Iraqi blogs, but that nominally only covered Iraq. Still, it was where people from all over the world came together to discuss strategy/progress/etc. One of the Iraqi blogs recently had a post showing it was still alive, and I asked in the comments (another annoying thing is that comments now require a sign-on as well as moderation) if they could do anything to provide a focus for liberation efforts, but didn't get a reply.

I have set up a forum of my own to provide some of what I'm looking for, but mainly spammers were interested in that.

There were the libyafeb17 forums, but that is only about Libya. I'm interested in quite a broad range of liberation. Also no IRC channel.

There is also this TV channel.

I was more after the interactive nature of IRC though, and I originally found that in #optunisia and #oplibya and #opsyria and #operationfreedom at irc.anonops.ru. The server is quite unreliable though, and today the domain was hacked making it point to irc.tsukihi.me (which used to be called helldive.org and before that partyvan.info which was apparently part of Anonymous at one point). Then it was made to point to freenode. There is some info here with a recommendation to go to irc.anonops.in which is currently down.

Note that I personally am what is called a "moralfag" - someone who just talks about the right thing to do (e.g. whether to deploy NATO ground troops or not) rather than DDOSing targets (which I don't even know how to do). I wish people would focus on things revolving around freeing millions of people from state-slavery. It is unbelievable that many people oppose even the NATO air war in Libya and question NATO's motives. It was bad enough that Bush was being questioned regarding the 2003 Iraq war. That is the intellectual battle I choose to fight. To at least rip up the confidence the detractors like to talk with, with zero evidence at hand. Currently that battle is largely stalled here and here.

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