End of a Universe

I used to live in a universe where the Australian government cared about human rights and would obviously send ground troops to Libya in their hour of need.

However, the troops never went there. And when I tried to petition my government to get the troops sent, I was physically intimidated. The two parties have a gentleman's agreement to keep power for themselves and lock out third parties like Pauline Hanson. Politics in Australia is a mere sideshow. The media is complicit in this conspiracy.

I previously touched on how a completely contrived universe could be created. Now I realise that you don't need to go that far. It is enough to just look at the current one through a lens with the right conspiracy theories. In a world where a majority of the planet says that the 2003 Iraq war was for oil, without a single scrap of evidence anywhere for that theory, nor a single drop of oil stolen, it should be easy enough to peddle some alternate conspiracies.

So tomorrow I will create a new universe with some role changes.

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