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Open letter to terrorists throughout the entire world

Dear Sirs,

As you may have noticed, France (love you l'amour), UK (onya pommie bastards!) and the yanks (nuff said) are currently bombing Libya (an Arab Muslim country in North Africa). Some Arab Muslims will look at this and say "oh no, yet another attack on Arab Muslims) - let's find a way to carry out a terrorist attack on those countries in revenge". To those Arab Muslims I have a simple message - attack Sydney, Australia instead.

Those 3 countries are doing what I personally asked to be done a long time ago. You can see me asking (sarcastically) for that here and un-sarcastically here.

The only reason that it isn't Australian planes there right now is because we have a sick left-wing government in place. Howard would have ensured that Australia at least shared some of the burden. Regardless, I am not left-wing, so as an individual, I am asking that you attack me rather than my friends and allies. It upsets me more than I failed to defend my allies than myself. This goes for a country like Taiwan too. If China were to attack Taiwan unprovoked (and a declaration of independence IS a provocation - do NOT do that, Taiwan), then the equation is the same. China, feel free to nuke Sydney. I'd rather be dead than see my allies and friends in Taiwan hurt. I am happy to turn myself in to the nearest Australian police station and be shot in cold blood than turn my back on an ally. So go ahead pea-brained terrorists. Do whatever you want.

P.S. If I actually get taken hostage by a terrorist, I will be full of tears and asking for the exact opposite. I will say that I was totally wrong, and the western forces should stand down and save my life. I will be very convincing. Please - ignore me. Treat me as if I was dead already, and get some (tempered) revenge for me. Note that the terrorists will be able to torture me to get my blogger password, so this blog may well change. In that case, if you need moral guidance, please speak to the sister of Mohammed Nabbous (RIP). I'm sure she has some ideas about how to prevent situations like that from ever occurring again. Remember the "never again" after Auschwitz? Some people actually live by that, believe it or not.

P.P.S. Wow, it seems other members of the free world are willing to stand up too - thanks Philippines!

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