Shepherd the Libyan Rebels

In most games, shepherding is illegal, because it is considered unfair. Here's one place that it isn't illegal:


"Shepherding is the act of legally obstructing or preventing an opposing player from gaining possession of the ball or reaching the contest."

This is what is now required in Libya. The rebels have tanks in Benghazi. These tanks need to hop from city to city all the way to Sirte (which has so far always been in Gaddafi's hands. Once the technique is proven to be able to take Sirte, it can then be used to take on the tougher target - Tripoli.

There is good news in the fact that France has already recognized the National Transitional Council:


as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people (and any straw poll of free Libyans will doubtlessly confirm the accuracy of that). The UK has more-or-less recognized it too. It would be good if the international community could recognize such bodies much faster than it currently does, as this changes the whole legality question on its head immediately. No longer do we have rebels rebelling against the government. We instead have Gaddafi's goons attacking the genuine Libyan representatives.

There has been a lot of discussion in the past weeks about a "no fly zone", as if that is the cure for all ills. Even if we had a no-fly zone implemented in 10 minutes from now, it would in fact be useless. That just means that neither side can fly planes. But with the SAMs (surface to air missiles) that are in rebel hands, plus the defecting pilots, Gaddafi doesn't appear to be winning via exercise of air power. He is winning with superior ground forces. The usual way to defeat superior ground forces is with aircraft. That means aircraft conducting airstrikes against one side in a battle. This is far from a no-fly zone. Also a no-fly zone requires enormous resources to maintain and may well be beyond France's ability to do so. Temporary air strikes during a city hop are a completely different kettle of fish, and something that France is capable of doing alone. And with the UK more-or-less recognizing the genuine Libyan representatives, France shouldn't even need to act alone anyway.

Can everyone please lobby their respective governments to both recognize and make contact with the Libyan National Transitional Council with a view to shepherding them and their tanks from city to city instead of having rebel tanks exposed to air assault. This is entirely legal as it would be done by agreement with the genuine Libyan representatives. If someone wishes to say this is illegal, then ignore them, get the job done, then debate the legality separately, with a view to changing any law that makes the ridiculous claim that a dictator is a representative.

P.S. Some great quotes:


"pleaded for a no-flight zone that seemed a metaphor for any kind of international help"

"I personally want them to send troops from abroad to stop this dictator. I swear to God almighty"


"General McPeak added that there would be no need to maintain 24/7 coverage over Libya"

P.P.S. Another one:


"we want tactical strikes against those tanks and rockets that are being used against us"

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