Help Australian Diggers and Libyan Rebels

Hello world.

I have limited time and limited knowledge of how the Australian media works. I was at the Lidcombe, NSW polling station today with a protest sign asking for Australian ground troops to be sent to Libya etc. The words I actually spoke into the camera were something like "The Australian diggers (soldiers) are being sacrificed to Political Correctness by Julia Gillard. I have written to her to instead say that they should be sacrificed to protect the Libyan people instead". I asked the guy what station he was from and he said it was a "pool tape". If you live anywhere in the world and you think that this bit of tape would be useful to your cause, please find out how the Australian media works, to see if that pool tape can make it to a TV station that is going to help you. Please use whatever connections you have, as I have limited connections and limited knowledge. Note that this was a NSW State election, but the isssue I was raising was an Australian or indeed international issue, so they may not think it is suitable for broadcast.

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