Good God

Based on a bit of prompting, I had an idea today.

What would be good, philosophy-wise, would be if you assumed that every single person you came in contact with, MIGHT be God. Even if someone is smarter than you or kinder than you - it doesn't mean that you can't be God. We don't have any information about how the world is constructed at that level. We could be living in a computer simulation etc, and you (God) may only get your superpowers back in 10 minutes from now.

Do you remember ignoring that street kid in the Philippines? He may be God. Assuming he gets his superpowers back in 10 minutes from now, do you think he will judge you harshly for not giving him any money? And force you to trade places with him as "justice"? Or do you think he will accept the excuse that you were busy addressing the underlying systematic problem rather than dealing with the symptoms of a fundamentally corrupt system, and given the limited funds available, it was necessary to direct all of them to fixing the fundamentals?

So if everyone COULD be God, you'd better treat them pretty damned carefully and make sure you have your ducks in a row. Let us assume that you have some confidence that some jackass on the internet claiming to be God is in fact God. Hell, that happened to me, recently. A woman called Susan Sayler posted something so sublime that I recognized her as God and immediately stated such and emailed her to find out what she wanted me to do. She however denied being God. I don't know whether to trust that non-claim or not. However, I can tell you that I am incredibly lazy, and haven't read very much of her website, even though I think she might be God! Perhaps that is a good thing?

Anyway, my solution to this problem is this - "don't ask, don't tell". ie if you see someone who you think is God, don't ask them if they are. And following Susan's example, don't admit it either. Just keep taking the same action you otherwise would have taken if it had been an ordinary member of the public. This will keep you, and the balance of the system, in check. There should be constraints on power. No-one in power can be trusted. As per previous blog posts from me, not one single existing power structure in the world can be trusted. I attacked the head of the Romanian Orthodox church for a reason - to test as far as I could that indeed, every power structure is corrupt. The media can't be trusted - no-one. Only the scientific method can be tentatively trusted.

Now, when you're pretty sure you've got God in your sights, and you're treating him as you would an ordinary member of society, it is time for you to completely reevaluate how you treat ordinary members of society. In fact, if there is indeed a god, I think he should go to visit random places in the world (using a good maths algorithm for that to ensure randomness), and try to contact some random members of that society, and find out how the power structures are treating them. This will restore balance to the system. The UN website coldly and offensively declares "it's your world", without ever asking you for your opinion. If your favourite internet kook is claiming to be God/Jesus/Mahdi/whatever (and indeed, I am in email contact with such a person right now - I met him when I was incarcerated by my fascist police state) - then ask him to go and visit some random places in the world, speak to them and find out what's bothering them (e.g. "my daughter was raped by the state - institutionalized rape") and then be asked to answer some difficult questions like "ok, so what have you done to end that institutionalized rape that distressed man mentioned?".

Over to you now Michael, it's your claim, and you're not remotely living up to my expectations, and I'm not even asking you to demonstrate superpowers ...

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