The world (aka B-grade movie) has a lot of funny things in it. I can't remember what I was doing - probably blogging about ASIO giving me a hard time - and I saw this ASIO ad. It's for computer programmers like me to join their organization. I was wondering if that was a sign from God that I should join ASIO if I suspected that they were spying on me because of my religion (Mu'tazilah Islam) being outside mainstream. ie get a bird's eye view of who is being spied on. Then I saw their pay rates - $58,968 to $86,791 (plus superannuation) - which is in fact good, but you can get higher in the commercial world if you have an employer who will wring every last ounce of strength out of your body in a constant sudden death match.

The other factor is I think it's probably best I have no association with the government at all ever, so that I can continue to call them a fascist police state without a conflict of interest ie that I'm the fascist police. So - nice try guys - but I'm onto your wheelings and dealings even intercepting the ads that I watch to try to get me to join your Securitate. Man, where would we be without the Nazis and Commies to leverage an endless barrage of verbiage from - am I right or am I right, comrades?

Anyway, it's 5am and I can't get to sleep. I have a long blog post to make tomorrow (ie today) - part 2 of the fascist state - and I was hoping to get to sleep much earlier than this. Plus a bit of extracurricula activity (hey ASIO, not jihad terrorism bombing with C4 or TNT explosives or fertilizer bomb bought from a weapons fair or supplied by Osama Bin Laden aka Usama Bin Laden or Gaddafi/Kaddafi/Qaddafi/Gadaffi/Kadaffi/Qadaffi for attacks against the FBI or CIA or MI5 or MI6 or Luftwaffe so there's no need to check back on my blog for anything dodgy).

P.S. Remember Blackadder Goes Forth where there were "nein" spies?! ROFL!!!

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