Tony Take Charge!

Open letter to Tony Abbott, leader of the Australian opposition (conservative) party

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on coming very close to winning the recent elections, and also I applaud you for staying in opposition rather than getting involved in bribing the right-wing independents who got into bed with Labor.

I wish to now talk to you about an urgent matter. The Libyan dictator is currently employing mercenary forces to open fire on the Libyan people, and has even found pilots willing to drop bombs on the Libyan people. Most of the Libyan pilots were honorable men and refused to do so, and unfortunately paid the ultimate price.

I have already written to Julia Gillard (Australian PM - communist party), requesting her immediate action with regard to sending F-111s into the Libyan theater so that the brave Libyan people are not required to face overwhelming force alone:


Obviously, being left-wing, she completely ignored the request, as like most left-wing people, she's more interested in looking good, and viewing bloody revolutions as a spectator sport, even if it fails, rather than treating it as a life-or-death situation as the right-wing usually does, since the right has a better grasp on that whole "reality" thing.

However, a path is open to you to get the job done. There should be humanity left in the two right-wing independents who crossed over. Please explain to them that in a life-and-death situation like Libya, they can just cross back and install you as PM now, so that you can unleash our planes, and then they are free to put Julia back at the end of that process.

I don't fancy my/your chances, but is it asking too much to at least ASK?! Thankyou sir.

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