Thankyou all Chinese and Indonesian People

mr_paul_edwards: hello, i have another one that i need to send
mr_paul_edwards: can you help me again please?
Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: If I can do
mr_paul_edwards: #Libya please liberate #Australia http://antisubjugator.blogspot.com/2011/02/libya-please-liberate-australia.html

mr_paul_edwards: you may find this one interesting to read
mr_paul_edwards: because i mention you
Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: What???
mr_paul_edwards: read it!
Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: Mention m3
mr_paul_edwards: yeah. as my saviour
mr_paul_edwards: my liberator
mr_paul_edwards: my protector
mr_paul_edwards: someone outside the australian government who was willing to be an "external auditor"
mr_paul_edwards: to care about my human rights
mr_paul_edwards: to care about my freedom of speech
mr_paul_edwards: to listen to me
mr_paul_edwards: to truly care about me - not like the australian government
mr_paul_edwards: the australian government never ever listens to me
mr_paul_edwards: they only ever do what they want to do
mr_paul_edwards: they don't care about individuals - they just pretend to
mr_paul_edwards: that's why they aren't liberating libya either
mr_paul_edwards: they don't care about libyan human rights
mr_paul_edwards: no government cares about the libyan people
mr_paul_edwards: they just pretend to
mr_paul_edwards: they talk and talk and talk
mr_paul_edwards: but don't really care
mr_paul_edwards: i care
mr_paul_edwards: many individuals like you care
mr_paul_edwards: truly care
mr_paul_edwards: Anonymous truly cares too
mr_paul_edwards: but no government cares
mr_paul_edwards: United Nations doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: NATO doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: UK doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: France doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: Germany doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: Italy doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: Romania doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: when I needed help - only a Chinese person cared
mr_paul_edwards: a Chinese individual
mr_paul_edwards: a beautiful Chinese girl cared about me
mr_paul_edwards: a beautiful Chinese girl living in Indonesia
mr_paul_edwards: she said "yes" when i asked
mr_paul_edwards: no-one in any existing power structure truly cares
mr_paul_edwards: no church
mr_paul_edwards: no mosque
mr_paul_edwards: no government
mr_paul_edwards: no-one
mr_paul_edwards: human rights watch would have said "don't liberate australia" too
mr_paul_edwards: just like they did about iraq
mr_paul_edwards: because Human Rights Watch doesn't truly care
mr_paul_edwards: only Anonymous cares
mr_paul_edwards: and individuals like me
mr_paul_edwards: if any power structure truly cared - they would liberate Libya and then liberate me in Australia
mr_paul_edwards: but they don't care
mr_paul_edwards: they are all corrupt
mr_paul_edwards: it is horrible
mr_paul_edwards: thankyou for listening to me my beautiful Chinese princess

Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: U are welcome

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