Plausible Deniability

This is how people in power manage to stay in power. They set up things called "plausible deniability". When I was trying to help the Tunisians to change their power structure, ASIO cut my internet access. Many documents I wanted to publish, were not published. Luckily Tunisia was still a success. How suspicious is it that my internet can be cut for MORE THAN A WEEK without fixing it. How suspicious is it that it was just during the revolutions?

This is a worldwide conspiracy. All organizations are designed with just one thing in mind - keep the existing power structure. That is why governments try so hard to not break any other power structure in case they get theirs broken too.

Here is all the proof that is required:

Sent: Mon Jan 24 22:27

To: support@iinet.net.au Priority: Normal

Subject: internet outage Type: HTML Msg

Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook

Hello. Could you please check my line? It appears to have
completely died (based on usage) sometime after 10am on
24th January Sydney time. Note that no-one was even in
the house at that time (9am departure) and nothing was
touched at all. Note that the ADSL light is not even on,
suggesting line fault. Note that the modem (supplied by
iinet) passes the validation test. Only power and wireless
lights show green. No other lights.

Account name is xxx
phone is xxxx which of course doesn't work
since this is Naked ADSL.

Alternate contact number at the moment is xxxx

Sent: Tue Feb 1 20:12

To: support@iinet.net.au Priority: Normal

Subject: Re: internet outage (ref: 95932219) Type: HTML Msg

Alert: 1 images have been blocked. Display Images in message - Always display images from this user
Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook


This problem has finally been resolved, after 1 week of no internet access.

It was resolved by a technician going to the exchange. I haven't had any
feedback from what he found at the exchange.

Could you please give me an update on what exactly happened at the
exchange that caused my internet outage and what the technician
did to fix it?

Is there anything that can be done for the future to either prevent this
from happening again, or to get it fixed more quickly if it happens again?


From: support@iinet.net.au Sent: Thu Feb 3 2:06

Priority: Normal

Subject: fault enquiry (ref: 95932219) Type: Attachments

Alert: 1 images have been blocked. Display Images in message - Always display images from this user
Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook


Thank you for your email.

We are happy to hear your issue has been resolved. According to the notes on our system the issue appeared to be related to a faulty jumper at the exchange and the technician has made the appropriate repairs to the jumper.

We hope the above information proves helpful.

If you have any further enquires, please call iiNet on 13 22 58 or reply to this email and we will gladly assist you.

Kind regards

What we need to solve this problem is a REVOLUTION - just like is happening in Libya. People of Libya - please continue your revolution. Do not stop at Libya. Keep going until Australia is free!!! Get whatever allies you need in the fight, and I don't mind if I accidentally die in a bomb strike when you get to me, so long as you took great care. At the end of the day I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Because I am an Australian who still remembers what it means to be an Australian. Unlike my current government that just pretends to care about the little guy. They don't.

My favourite group - the one that is non-stop about the Libyan revolution, is currently blocked by my government. My government never asked me whether I was happy about that. My government has never once asked me if I am happy. Even if they did ask, I know that wouldn't genuinely listen. Only media pressure can make them listen. The only time anyone in the media ever cared to ask me if I had any story was yesterday when Myles Peterson from the Canberra Times looked at my blog and said there was nothing newsworthy on it. Maybe now that the conspiracy is unmasked he can see something newsworthy? Or is this all just another front for the communists?

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