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Open Letter to Patriarch Daniel of Romania

(guy with beard as long as Osama Bin Laden's, certainly no friend of Gaddafi who would probably call him an Al Qaeda cockroach)

Dear Sir,

As you may be aware, there are two opposing forces in Libya right now. Both sides are Arab Muslims and they are currently in a stand-off. Tanks will start rolling soon. Planes will start dropping bombs soon. Civilians will die as Tripoli is retaken - a limitation of current weapons technology I'm afraid. Civilian death is certain unless Gaddafi is shown a reason why he does not need to stay in power any longer, and that he can simply stand down and head off to Saudi Arabia with $20 million and all the Mortein he can carry.

In this blog I have previously written about the Pope supporting indefinite institutionalize rape in Iraq. And institutionalized tongue chopping. I can show you video of poor Iraqi men having their tongues cut out. Most people refuse to even watch it when I present it to them. They can imagine how bad it is and just want to ignore it. But I have that image in my mind every day of my life, and every day I wake up and ask myself "have I done everything I could have done today to protect Iranian etc women from being raped by their own government?".

Sir, would you mind telling me the typical thoughts that run through your brain on a daily basis? The two sides in Libya's civil war have somewhat similar arms. When these two sides clash, it is not guaranteed which side will win. If the allies win, 6 million Libyans gain their freedom. If Gaddafi wins, the Libyans get another 42 years of truly cruel dictatorship. Similar to the institutionalized rape, torture, murder and mutilation that occurred under Saddam.

Could you please tell me the Romanian Orthodox Church's position on this impending battle and the 42 years of Gaddafi cruelty? Also, what was your position when Saddam was raping Iraqi women? Because the "funny" thing is that when George Bush was liberating Iraq, I was expecting him to get massive support from the free world. A free world that wanted to desperately usher in new members. And even if they perhaps didn't like war which kills innocent civilians, they would have at least loudly pointed out that cruel dictatorship - where women don't even have the right to not be raped - would be gone at the end, and at least celebrated that wonderful event. Was there some statement issued by the Romanian Orthodox Church celebrating the freedom of the Iraqi people on what they call "liberation day"? I assume in your religion (Christian, right?) that you are taught (and teach!) that people of all races, religions and nationalities are equal in the eyes of God?

So the rape of a woman in Iraq is just as important as the rape of a woman in Romania, right? And in both cases you try very hard to get the rapist arrested as soon as possible by calling whatever security forces are required in that situation to arrest the rapist, correct? So when it was Iraqi women who were screaming as they were being raped by their own government - which security force did you think could protect them, and thus call? I know that the Iraqi women were praying to God that someone - anyone - would come to help them. And I know you sir, would have heard their screams, and your heart would have been torn out, and you - as an honorable man - would have responded to them with every weapon at your disposal, and left no stone unturned. So please tell me the strategy you planned every day to try to respond to their screams. My blog outlines in great detail what I was trying to do. The power structures I attempted to contact that could have rescued these screaming women.

Of course it wasn't just Iraqi men who were having their tongues cut out and Iraqi women who were screaming. Gaddafi was torturing the Libyan people too. So did you have a plan to rescue the Libyan people too? What was the priority of the Libyan people in your "order of liberation"?

Anyway, circumstances outside of our control have meant that we now have a unique situation. A unique opportunity. We have allied Libyan troops who are ready to charge to Tripoli and rescue their entrapped countrymen. Unfortunately, due to how tank warfare works, massed armour wins. That means that the allies may not win. Gaddafi's mercenary army may win instead. However, there is a simple solution to ensure that the allies win. All it requires is air cover to be provided to the allied forces. The troops could come from the UN, NATO or even individual countries (like Australia) acting alone.

I have already written to the Australian Prime Minister requesting that Australian F-111s be immediately dispatched to Libya too. As an Australian taxpayer, I work hard for my money every day, and this is what I would like the F-111s I paid for to be used. The best foreign aid I could possibly give would be to provide air cover to the Libyan people. The planes are already paid for. The pilots are already trained. They're all volunteers. They're all brave. They're all willing to spill their blood in the sands of Libya to free 6 million people - they are honorable men too and understand what it means to protect women or others who need protecting.

Unfortunately, no F-111s have been dispatched to Libya, and the Libyan people are still under the threat of massed armour reversing out the partial revolution.

I consider the Australian Prime Minister to be completely immoral for failing to act to protect women like this. It's almost like there's an "understanding" between people in power all over the world to not disrupt the existing power structures in a tit-for-tat manner. I reckon if Jesus were here now and saw this tit-for-tat arrangement he would be truly horrified and wonder what version of the bible everyone was reading that would stand for this. Do you think you will be safe during the Rapture, sir? Or do you think you will be harshly judged for failing to protect that woman?

Again - it's not difficult. Romania has an air force which can protect the Libyan people. Are you lobbying the Romanian government every day to send forces in? I would write to them myself, except my Romanian isn't as good as I would like. And nominally I only have influence over the Australian government anyway. So it needs good folks such as yourself to lobby the Romanian power structures yourself. For good measure, you could also write a letter to the Australian PM to put her on notice that the Australian government is currently holding a very immoral position in the eyes of the Romanian Orthodox Church. But mainly lobby the Romanian government. Get them to respond to that poor frightened woman immediately. Where "immediately" means "however long it takes for Romanian planes to reach Libya" not "however long it takes to get consensus to issue a statement about how many different adjectives we can use to pretend to give a damn about that Libyan woman".

Sir, I'm just a not-so-humble individual. I don't have an entire power structure like you do. I have to work 40 hours per week, and then use my free time to try to protect the human rights of others less unfortunate than myself - which is how I personally interpreted the bible. Currently I have been nearly killing myself working with the Anonymous group to try to protect the Libyan people. Could you please tell me what efforts you have been making as both an individual and as an organization to protect the Libyan people while this window of opportunity remains open for hours/days?

Yours sincerely,
Paul Edwards,

P.S. How much are they paying you to wear that funky hat?

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