Open Letter to United Nations

Open Letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations.

Dear Sir,

I have just had some individuals contact me with severe security issues. They have no faith in their government and/or they are under threat of terrorist attacks.

I have noticed you attempting to get agreement between members of the security council without success. The reason you are not meeting with success is because there is no trust. The reason there is no trust is because of deep suspicion about intent, based on historical precedent, a lack of honesty in negotiations, a lack of transparency, a failure to honestly address tribal affiliations, and a lack of checks and balances to ensure that everyone has protection of their human rights.

I have been studying the causes of violence for decades, and have some suggestions on how you can solve this impasse. If I can be of any service to you or any of the people you represent, please note that you can contact me via email and I'd be more than willing to act as a neutral party, as by nature I do not have affiliation with any particular tribe. It would take too long to explain why this is the case, but if you look through recent entries in Anti-subjugator and Mu'tazilah you will see that I have spent an enormous amount of effort on trying to ensure all humans have their human rights protected. As I said, I am a genuinely neutral person and not in any way affiliated with any person in any position of power, although obviously I have a political preference within the country I currently reside.

P.S. I've written to David Wong at www.cracked.com to give a better rendition of this than my brain is capable of generating. That may help you to be something more than a bunch of goofbags.

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