Libya Please Liberate Australia

Hello people of Libya. I think you will get your freedom in the next day or so. Could you please liberate Australia after you do that?

We have security forces in Australia called ASIO. When I wrote a blog post challenging the world power structures, the Australian government blocked my access to both twitter and the Anonymous chat room. Luckily I was still able to get a message out before they blocked my Yahoo Messenger. So someone was able to tweet on my behalf.

Here is the tweet I was trying to send when the Australian dictatorship blocked me:

Romanian Orthodox Church please help #Libya -

You see - I was trying to get the Romanian Orthodox Church to help you - but amazingly, it was me who needed help.

Luckily I saw a very old contact online:

mr_paul_edwards (29/11/2008 1:02:17 PM): and you're 25 female. chinese-born, living in indonesia
mr_paul_edwards (29/11/2008 1:02:22 PM): correct?

And here is the conversation I had:

Chinese_girl: Why ur government blocked access to twitter??
mr_paul_edwards: i'm not sure
mr_paul_edwards: i'm worried
mr_paul_edwards: please help me get my message out
mr_paul_edwards: i am voiceless at the moment
mr_paul_edwards: it is terrible
mr_paul_edwards: i am scared
mr_paul_edwards: please help me
mr_paul_edwards: if they arrest me, no-one will know
mr_paul_edwards: i'm just an individual
mr_paul_edwards: no-one famous
mr_paul_edwards: i need someone outside of australia to help me
mr_paul_edwards: please

Fortunately the ethnic Chinese girl was able to help me. She tweeted my message for me. I still can't get to the Anonymous website to discuss with them what I need to do to protect myself from the Australian government.

However, at least I now have my voice back. Because when the Australian security forces saw that I had got my message out, they unblocked twitter.

Thankyou Chinese people for helping me from my terrible government. I love you so much for liberating me and I will never ever ever forget it.

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