Nuclear Dates

It occurred to me. The one bad thing about the (sort of) end of the Cold War, is that we've more-or-less missed the opportunity (nuclear holocaust) of eliminating the MM/DD/YY date format from the face of the planet.

Oh well.

Moving on. I have actually been monitoring Australian news recently - it is as interesting as Iraq, due to the possibilities it opens up.

First of all, quite frankly, Labor deserves to get back into power for these reasons:

1. The coalition making uncosted pledges.
2. The coalition making pledges. (ie spending taxpayer's money).
3. Labor restraining itself in how much money it was willing to bribe Wilkie with.

While ever Labor is willing to be more fiscally responsible than the Liberals, they deserve credit.

And all is not lost.

Just because the two independents decided to join Labor for now, a quick no confidence vote and it's back where it should rightfully be. It's not like they would be invading Iran tomorrow. Whenever the independents have been persuaded to liberate Iran, and Abbott is on board with that as a condition for becoming PM, it can be done.

So let the campaigning of the independents begin. :-)

I'd also like to comment on this relevant post. If only 34% can muster up the courage and decency to protect Australian children with a damned phone call, it's no bloody wonder that the pricks can't be bothered to ring up the US president when Iraqi women are being raped by their own government.

And that's an interesting thing in itself. People would literally rather get into a physical fight than risk holding an unpopular view in public and be ridiculed. ie the true bravery is not being willing to get into a fist-fight. The true bravery is being willing to go against the noisy and vindictive left-wing media.

Now all we need to do is wait for society to change to recognize real bravery as opposed to street thuggery. See you in 100 years? Don't hold your breath unless you like the colour blue. We can't get an attitude like that changed, unless the media allows it. Vicious circle. Unless ... I have a couple of chickens in the oven about to be plucked and hatched ... not to mention an amazing collection of mixed metaphors! But wait - there's no more!

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