Third Democracy

Well holy secular shiite, Batman!

Who would have believed that Allawi, the alleged US puppet according to the Sunnis a few years ago, would now be the Sunni's number 1 choice?

One way to escape religious bigotry I guess - vote for a secular party!!!

A pity that Sadr looks like he'll get more influence than he should, but nevermind - a two party system between SOL and Iraqiyya is something workable.

And that's not the only place where there's been action. Afghanistan, Iraq and now even the UK is about to get democracy! The Northern Hemisphere is finally catching on to the concept of democracy! Three in a row! Clegg looks like he's about to finally get some sort of "preferential voting" (that's what we call it down here), that at least gives smaller parties a sporting chance, and at least you can vote for them without it being a wasted vote. Instead of having two parties monopolize the system.

To tell you the truth, I was kind of worried about assembling a coalition to go and liberate the British. They've got nukes, never a good sign, and it's logistically quite difficult (having to ship things over the ocean). So I'm very happy that the British have managed to sort the problem out themselves, after 1000 or so years of effort, instead of needing a military intervention.

Of course, that still leaves the US. Yikes. Sorry guys. You'll have to live with your two parties unfairly monopolizing power in a "gentleman's agreement". You've got too many nukes, too many planes, too many aircraft carriers and are too far away. I'd rather have some sort of temporary alliance with you against some of the even worse states instead. Apologies to any Americans who remain unliberated for years as a result, but there's simply no realistic way of liberating you, and technically, you have your countrymen to blame as well, as there are ways you could politically get the required changes in.

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