More Communist Fronts

In the lead-up to the Iraq war, when Bush was pointing out that Saddam was raping women, yet another reason why this evil man needed to be stopped, I expected these feminist groups, who complain about some really nutty things like the use of "fireman" instead of "fire fighter", would be like 10 million billion trillion times madder about the actual RAPE of women rather than just the use of a word in the English language.

How friggin naive can someone be?

That would be like expecting the left-wing to have 20 squillion complaints about the Soviet Union or Saddam before coming up with a single complaint about America.

I saw this article pointing out that despite the fact that the troops were at similar levels under Obama as under Bush, suddenly war isn't so bad any more. Especially when no-one is funding you to turn up to some funded left-wing protest that has nothing whatsoever to do with war.

Not really related, but even now I am still finding I have to get rid of left-wing shit from my brain. Two more things had to be dropped thanks to this article.

First is "Uncle Tom". Turns out that someone actually read the book. And it turns out that Uncle Tom was a nice guy, Jesus-like, and that he died in order to save the lives of others. How typical of the left make good people out to be bad. Next they'll be saying that Bush was bad for liberating 52 million people. Oh, wait.

Second is the three-fifths. I knew that white people had done things wrong in the past. Little-mentioned is the fact that a shitload of white people died to put an end to some of those wrongs. That's filed under the same category as the Royal Navy putting an end to the slave trade. Regardless, I once saw a black TV judge complaining about "bad constitution" where blacks were 3/5 of a white. It's so old and irrelevant, that I just accepted that it was something that racist whites had come up with, and which had been corrected long ago. Thanks to the internet, once I had the right phrase ("compromise") and a right-wing person telling me it was a lefty lie, I was able to quickly find the reference and found out that it was a result of intra-white conflict trying to eliminate slavery, and anti-slavery whites didn't want pro-slavery whites from boosting their (white) representation by using their beholden slaves. Ideally it would have been 0/5 non-compromise. But you can't fix all problems instantaneously, so 3/5 was used.

Apologies to white Americans for thinking bad things about your ancestor's constitution without fact-checking what some left-wing racist scumbag on TV said. It's not like I've never known similar lies to be told, at least not every single minute of every single day, about Australian whites. I should have known better. Humble apologies.

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