Geert Wilders

I'll take a break from quoting Obama. I ran across some great proposals from Geert Wilders.

The basic situation is this:

If Hitler prefixed "Mein Kampf" with "God told me last night ...", it wouldn't suddenly turn National Socialism from abhorrent political ideology into "a religion of peace".

It needs to be treated as the political ideology that it is. When I look at Hinduism or Buddhism, I see mostly "quaint" rituals. Not some grand plan to do something (anything). Not even a grand plan to have a Buddha in every room of every house in the country.

Whereas Islam (at leas the non-Mu'tazilah sects) have a plan to do pretty much what Saudi Arabia already does, ie no booze, no pork, no churches.

Anyway, here's the money quote:

"Human rights protect the freedom of individuals but they do not protect ideologies".

Regardless of whether it's National Socialism, Communism or Islam, these political ideologies need to be actively fought against. Not to stop individuals from being communists/socialists. But to prevent such people from indoctrinating children to be that. The education system should expose these ideologies for what they are. Honestly, we need to start with simply standards of evidence. The number of people who believe that Bush did 9/11 is just beyond the pale. It's no wonder the Muslims don't do any better when we have such a problem with Americans. And Australians too for that matter. I'm really at a loss when a non-Muslim Australian tells me that the Republicans could be killing Democrats in America to win the election, and keeping it quiet. Yeah, and shall I assume that she snatches and eats babies and keeps it quiet too?

Honestly, what a world. How do you top that?

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