Gates of Vienna

There is a time and place for bashing people to death with logic. That's what I tend to do personally.

There is also a time and a place for bashing people to death with steel. That's what happened when the Muslims tried to beseige Vienna.

There is also a time and place for subtle diplomacy. As mentioned before, Obama seems to be doing a pretty good job there in some areas. I don't know why the Russians can't just get on board with the neocon agenda. Why aren't they neocons too? I don't know why the left-wing scum in western countries are more worried about imaginary things that the US could theoretically do than actual Iraqis having their tongues cut out. My best guess is that they were just born sociopaths, but it doesn't make much difference. You have to deal with it either way. You have to deal with the current reality of lobotomized Democrats rather than the reality you would prefer. As such, while we have psycho Russians in the world, having Obama to placate them is a good thing.

Here is another one of those. Someone interviews "Mohammed", to see what he would think about the current batch of Muslims, especially those that don't follow the Mu'tazilah sect.

Ok, so they don't mention Mu'tazilah by name, but that's the general idea.

BTW, I saw a great quote from Churchill:

"If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons."

Again, for those of you who mention "why not Uzbekistan" (and we both know that you don't actually care about Uzbekistanis, especially the Islamic militants, all you care about is harming the USA) - it's that simple. In war, you generally do whatever is necessary to win. The consequences of losing are far greater than any temporary unpleasantness that needs to be endured. We simply don't have the luxury of unnecessarily alienating those who don't live up to our expectations. It would be wonderful if we were. But we aren't. Again, need to deal with current reality, rather than how things would work in an ideal world. Speaking of ideal worlds - part of this is CREATING the ideal world most people, even lefties, say they want. Maybe not going as far as creating the communist utopia, but something towards that goal. Something closer than tongue-chopping.

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