Russian History

I read today that Russia is busy lying about its history as usual. Specifically:

This is what appears to anger today's Russian historical establishment: ... any suggestion that Stalin's Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were anything but complete opposites and bitter enemies.

Hah. What a joke. It's not unusual for two evil bastards to have a falling out. Thieves betray each other trying to get a bigger share of the spoils etc etc.

The Chinese are often heard to claim that Mao liberated China from the Japanese. All he did was replace a Japanese dictator with a Chinese one (ie himself). Unless you're a racist, that is not a good thing in and of itself.

So too the Baltics were hardly better off under Stalin's sadistic Communist regime than they were under Hitler's sadistic Socialist regime. Regardless, let's be more specific about the nature of these two sadistic regimes:

As usual, message 666 provides the basis for these comparisons.

I am AGAINST racism.
I am AGAINST sexism.
I am AGAINST religious discrimination.
I am AGAINST dogma.
I am AGAINST subjugation.
I RESPECT INDIVIDUALS who VOLUNTARILY donate to COMPLETE STRANGERS (ie different race, different sex, different religion, different nationality) using their OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY.
I will FIGHT using my BRAIN subjugation of ANY HUMAN.

I am AGAINST nationalism.
I am AGAINST non-humanist behaviour.

Racism - The Russians are (and presumably were) just as racist as the Nazis. The ONLY reason the Russians were so upset about Serbia being bombed is because the Serbs were Slavic people and the Russians are racist to the core.

Sexism - I'm not aware that Russians and Germans were any different in attitudes towards women, so no comment.

Religious discrimination - well, the commies were destroying churches and the Germans were gassing Jews. Ok, I'll give the commies credit for being less of religious bigots than the National Socialists.

Dogma - communism was an even more extreme dogma than Nazism. The Nazis only really had Mein Kampf, and although it was held up as the way forward, and Hitler was a hero, he wasn't claiming to be infallible. Whereas Marx was supposedly infallible and every word in his stupid book was precious and infallible.

Subjugation - both of them were dictatorships who sought to have total control over the population and eliminate dissent.

Donating to strangers - give me a break on either of them. They were both pillagers. Both at an individual level and national level.

Nationalism - both were equally nationalist, and you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone more nationalist than a Russian today.

Non-humanists - Neither Hitler nor Stalin made any attempt to govern according to how they would wish to be ruled themselves if they weren't in power.

So yes, one evil prick defeated another evil prick, after they jointly started a crime wave. And yes, it is good that they did that, because it allowed the backbone of the free world - the Anglophones - to recover from their own abject stupidity and sloth which "Peace in our Time" Chamberlain epitomized.

The Russians like to lie about their history as much as the Arabs do. It's difficult to move forward together when one party likes to lie through their back teeth. No-one is asking for compensation from the Russians for starting WWII. We do expect them to make some effort to do good deeds in general to show that they are different. And let's be clear - they withdrew from Eastern Europe - a very good deed indeed. And they allow US weapons to be shipped across their territory to Afghanistan - very good. Thankyou Russia. I hope we will be solid allies in the future. But please, acknowledge why we weren't allies in the past - it was because of your old dictator's crimes.

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