I was searching something on Wikipedia recently and in light of Obama's victory, I really need to ask - will democracy ever work in the US?

Let's look at some example democracies as of the most recent elections for head of state:

Australia - 94.32% turnout to choose between 8+ parties.

Iraq - 79.6% turnout to choose between over 300 parties (exact number not listed, 308 from memory).

Afghanistan - 70% turnout to choose between 18 contenders.

USA - 63% turnout to choose between 6+ contenders.

I mean - with that sort of turnout - and that limited choice - it's no wonder that even a racist immoral moonbat like Obama could get across the line.

Oh well, let's give it another 200 years and see what they come up with.

I know it's unfair to put Australia above Iraq and Afghanistan given that the latter two countries had extreme intimidation from terrorists preventing them from freely voting, but I can hardly award them an honorary 15% boost. The figures are what they are. Figures don't lie, after all.

P.S. Yes morons, I know how Australia got that figure, but not one single American does, which is all that matters for the purposes of this post.

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