77 days

Listen up Bush, you half-wit.

You had a chance to win the ideological war. I spelled out all the steps on my blog. Castro was right when he said that America was profoundly racist - over 50% of Americans have just voted for an anti-white racist. What he left out was the sorry fact that the rest of the world is even WORSE.

You have 77 days in which to protect the decent American people. It is your OATH OF OFFICE and MORAL OBLIGATION to protect those people. You said in a speech that you believed that God wanted everyone to be free. You're damn right I do. As already documented, while inside the universe, I don't have supernatural powers to zap that into being, and instead I had the challenge to deal with dogmatic people. Unfortunately the world is wall to wall dogmatic. Even the atheists and skeptics who I had previously had faith in.

Regardless, it is still TECHNICALLY POSSIBLE to solve this problem militarily, which, in the absence of any serious IDEOLOGICAL war (ie Manhattan Project II etc), is the only option left. Let it be known Bush. It's not too late. When a nuke goes off in LA, let it be known, that on 4th November, 2008, you had the technical ability to protect America, and you FAILED, because YOU REALLY ARE A HALF-WIT. You failed America and you failed God.

Your troops can be in Tehran within 7 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Damascus within 10 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Beirut within 14 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Sudan within 21 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Zimbabwe within 24 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Pyongyang within 40 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Cuba within 50 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Saigon within 60 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Burma within 65 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

Your troops can be in Islamabad within 77 days. All you need to do is nod your head.

If this was WWII, you'd be blasting through Europe as you did after D-Day. You're MORE mobile now than you were back then and your enemy is relatively MUCH weaker now than it was back then. The only thing standing in your way is YOU. Your military has this capability, regardless of what some shiny-pants general may say to the contrary. PLAY TO WIN you stupid cretin.

Meanwhile, Republicans are to blame for this urgency as well. Instead of crying crocodile tears for single-celled organisms at every election, and threatening distressed pregnant women with human rights violations, you could have instead shown some REAL concern for REAL people in Iran, Vietnam etc etc. There's so many in genuine need of your protection. And of course, you can even protect YOURSELF you STUPID FRIGGIN MORONS.

One more thing - there is actually one left-wing government in the world that is still halfway decent - that's the UK. Put them in charge of coup-proofing Iraq NOW. Get the US troops out of Iraq NOW to make it clear that the UK is responsible for Iraq. Get the US troops out of Afganistan NOW to make clear that it is NATO that is responsible for Afghanistan. That way these things will continue even after Obama does his best to contain the US war machine to give breathing room to America's enemies to build up strength so that he can build his socialist dystopia, or failing that, at least destroy as much of capitalism as he can.

If you take the first step of this process and run into trouble (ie the unlikely possibility that the shiny-bum generals are right, and that you can't simply blast a path to Tehran), that's fine. Stop and re-evaluate. I'll give you the next step right here.

We all know that Obama is far worse than a Republican president would have been, and that it is the American people who are ultimately to blame for being racist pricks. And that you ultimately got the government you deserved. However, REGARDLESS OF THAT, *LET IT BE KNOWN* that YOU also failed to protect the American people. Those people who jumped from burning skyscrapers expected that something would be done so that this never happened again. YOU FAILED THEM. YOU, Bush. The buck stops with YOU. I sure as hell did everything that was technically possible for me to do. Boy oh boy I tried. And so long as you activate the full weight of your military machine, you can drop ME in Tehran. I'm more than happy to die for the freedom of Iran, for the protection of America, and the protection of the free world. YOU give me the military backing, and I'm happy to be in the LEAD TANK, or LEAD infantry division or whatever the hell you want. Hell, I'll be the damn cook if you want. I don't give a shit, so long as you allow me to serve the free world. That doesn't mean I want you to drop me alone in Tehran to deal with a 500,000 man army on my own. I'm not stupid. I expect the backing of the ENTIRE US military, not just a pointless death so that some left-wing scumbag can get his rocks off at a capitalist freedom-fighter being killed.

Anyway, I've had a gutful of you. I know you're not going to do this. Just as I know that the left-wing scum will never switch from being racist to anti-racist. It's in their genes. And it's in your genes.

I've already told you what's in my genes. Took me 25 years to find the words. And in message 666 on 9/11 I gave you the words.

I've had a gutful, Bush. Goodbye you stupid fucking prick. You know how to contact me if you ever find the basic morality required to activate your military and ACTIVATE ME. I'd rather be shot in cold blood right now than have to face a gutless wonder like you who can't even find the balls to NOD HIS FUCKING HEAD because of NASTY FUCKING *WORDS* from left-wing scum. Of course they're going to say nasty words you stupid prick. If they weren't nasty people, they wouldn't be left-wing in the first place! Moron.

Anyway, with every passing day, for the next 77 days, I'm going to hate your guts more and more. YOU were the one who could have protected the decent Republicans, especially neocons, in America, and the rest of the world. YOU were the one entrusted. YOU were the one who betrayed that trust.

So far you've lost 1.5 months worth of US road toll in your ENTIRE PRESIDENCY fighting wars. That's a WWII river crossing you moron. And a large chunk of that was just accidents - can be considered training accidents (realistic training).

Anyway, go fuck yourself Bush. You let me down when I needed you the most. You let down America when she needed you the most too. I know you'll trot out some lame-arse excuse in your memoirs. I'm not interested. Criminals trot out lame-arse excuses too. Go swap memoirs with other criminals Bush. Because you really are a criminal Bush. It's called NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE when you allow a terrorist to blow up American cities with nukes. Sure, Obama will be in the dock with you too. But that doesn't alter the fact that YOU are in the dock too. Go fuck yourself, Bush. I wanted to protect America after 9/11. Hell, even before 9/11. But especially watching those jumpers. I wanted them to know that I would solve this technical problem no matter who needed to die. But in the end, it needed 77 days of action from you, Bush. I don't have the technical ability to command US troops. You do. Go fuck yourself, Bush. You will destroy America yourself. Obama will just turn the knife. Go fuck yourself. Those are MY allies you killed. Those brave Americans who are willing to go to Tehran to protect America. THOSE are my allies. Not a spineless politician like you who prevents them from protecting themselves. Your second amendment is a pile of shit. That's not what will protect you. What will protect you is being allowed to deploy your military to take down your enemies. THAT is what was taken away from you. Not your stupid bloody pea-shooters which will NOT, repeat NOT prevent a nuke from going off in LA. Ah, forget it. Pearls to swine. Get off my blog, Bush. Your very name sullies it. NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE, Bush. Take that and stick it up your arse.

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