Back in 2003-2004 I was trying to determine what was going wrong. Why weren't 99% of Iraqis overjoyed to be freed from a cruel tryant, and the other 1% presumably people with a genetic defect. The great benefit of having 50% of Iraqis behaving irrationally meant the ability to diagnose the problem. I sought to find out what was in my genes that was making me want to fight so hard for the other side as Al Sadr/Bin Laden. I assumed that we all had near-identical genes, evolved from the same amoeba. I sought an answer in science, as I was highly confident that there was nothing supernatural in the world.

And by Sept 11, 2004 I had isolated the instincts causing the problem. The natural state of humans is the tribe, and we have evolved by learning to write agreements where one tribe doesn't attack another, as war reduces the survival probability of both tribes.

Fast-forward to 2003 and we suddenly had one tribe (the US) violating what appears to be to many people such an agreement (the UN). This setup matches the genetic pattern that we have grown to recognize. If you don't fight a rogue tribe, you will end up being enslaved. So, our instincts tell us to fight. And these Iraqis more-or-less can't help themselves but to fight the "US subjugator". It is totally alien to them that a conquering army could actually be an army of anti-subjugators. Their mind cannot process such a concept. It's totally against their own instincts, and they've never ever been exposed to the ideology that the free world uses (don't subjugate) that is overriding that instinct. So they don't know what's happening, and they MUST FIGHT.

The solution to this problem is my pledge. Teach them the pledge that the US military operates on, without being elaborated.

But another part of the solution is just to make things right "tribally". ie the US can take steps within the tribal genetics to placate the insurgents. What it needs to do is sign an agreement where it will not use force outside the UN, *if*, the members of the UN in turn agree to certain things. The certain things being that they don't subjugate their citizens.

Once that agreement is in place, the genes will be satisfied. Otherwise, the insurgents will literally fight for what they believe is their lives. If they lose, and get enslaved, they will die out. This is what they understand, and it is confirmed by their genes (and after a lot of effort, I was able to find it in my own genes - and also figure out how it was seemingly being overridden).

This gives the US something to actually contribute to the process. It needs to elaborate what needs to happen in order for it to be satisfied that the UN will ensure that the US is adequately protected and thus have no need to act outside it. Rather than "we aren't going to follow any damn rules, we're going to do whatever WE feel like, ie we're a rogue actor". That is setting off the primitive genes around the world.

It was actually the realisation that the insurgents were not evil, but simply reacting to their genes, and that we could fix this problem, but weren't, that was causing me so much distress in Sept 2004, as I tried in vain to get the government to do certain things to end the war.

Since then I've gone back to my pre-Sept 2004 hardened self. Just wanting to win the war. I've given the anti-Americans the information they require to help themselves, but they're not interested. So, given the choices available, I choose to let the realities of steel do the talking until this conflict is resolved in our favour. That remains the least worst option - kill 'em all and I'll sort it out at the appropriate time.

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