When the Russians look at a map of the world, they look at how much territory they used to control, and seek to regain that territory. They are nationalists and racist. When the Chinese look at a map of the world, they see ethnic Chinese and seek to put them under their control, in Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. They don't actually give a damn whether the people in those places have good governance or human rights etc.

When the Japanese conquered Asia, all they saw was white people in "Asian lands" and sought to exterminate the presence and replace it with Asian, specifically Japanese, rulers. Didn't matter that it was a cruel ruler. So long as it was Japanese. They were racist.

So too with the rest of the empires - Persian etc. People pine for the good old days when their race ruled over others. And of course we had the Germans with "Deutschland uber alles" (Germany over all). The Arabs aren't the least bit upset by the glorious Arab conquests of the past.

And when Muslims look at a map of the world, they see all the ones listed as "Islamic states" and think that that's a great achievement. They don't look at GDP, or scientific discoveries, or foreign aid, or anything at all. Just whether it is an Islamic state or not. They are religious bigots.

When I look at a map of the world, I primarily go to www.freedomhouse.org (or see the link on the left of my blog). That's what I see. The glorious spread of freedom across the globe. Afghanistan switching from unfree to free in the blink of an eye, thanks to a handful of well-placed JDAMs.

When racists like Foddy look at the world, all they see is skin colour. They see a country, see the skin colour of the people in those countries, and decide that so long as the ruler of that country is of that same skin colour, they are happy. Doesn't matter that people in that country are having their tongues cut out. Doesn't matter if the Germans are gassing Jews. So long as the skin colour matches, that's fine by them.

This is the main reason they object to the Iraq war. They see white people in "brown lands" and their colour coordination chucks a hissy fit. They aren't inspired by watching the colours change at freedhouse. They are completely unmoved by it. That's not the colour scheme they are looking for. What they're looking for is racial purity.

They don't care whether the entire African continent is one huge cesspit. So long as they don't have to live there themselves, and so long as the rulers are all black, they're as happy as Larry. Who needs good governance? Only whatever country Foddy is living in at the moment, apparently. Everyone else be damned. He never considers what it must feel like to be one of those poor people living under a cruel dictator. Because he's a sociopaths, and sociopaths do not think like that. Human beings having their tongues cut out is a bit like stomping on ants. In this case it's one ant stomping on another ant. Why the hell would Foddy care about what ants do to each other anyway? After all, they're just, well, ants! A bit like Rick complaining that the TV producers treat the kids like, well, kids.

Long, long ago I showed the faithfreedom website to a co-worker and said that I was trying to make this map green, and he thought I was some sort of beast for advocating war just so that I could tick off a box on a map. And I thought he was a beast for not doing exactly that. I mean, how many people talk about making a contribution to society? What better contribution can you make to society than tick off a box on that map? When that box represents millions of humans now with freedom, what bigger contribution could anyone make? It looks like my co-worker is about to get his worldview implemented in Australia in less than one week from now. More's the pity.

What a horrible selfish world he's going to usher in. Where we only care about non-whites to the extent that we make sure there's no white people in any chain of their government. You call that "caring"? I call it what it is - racism. Foddy, you are a racist. Buh, you are a racist. My old co-worker? Another racist. I don't know why these racists bother going to church to pretend that they're contributing to society, making the world a better place. They're not. They're responsible for aiding and abetting the world's worst criminals. And they are not pleasing God by going to church. Every minute spent in church that could have instead been used to actually make a real contribution is actually pissing God off. Really pissed off. So pissed off that he's not going to revive them after they die.

BTW, I have issues with freedomhouse. They shouldn't be classifying a racist Marxist defacto one-party state like South Africa as "free", and nor should they hold back Iraq with 300+ political parties and 2 elections and a referendum not very long ago as "unfree". They're pricks for doing that. But it's still useful as a starting point. Oh, they classify Russia as "unfree" too, which is crap. The Russian people are arseholes, but they are free. That's how I know they are arseholes. I can talk directly to them. So much for my belief that they would be our strongest allies if they were ever released from communism. Oh well. I also never expected half of Australia to be racist sociopaths either. Especially not ones who attended church and presumably had a desire to be on good terms with God.

P.S. Yes, I know I said I was going to blog more. But I've recently installed MVS 3.8j on my PC and have been changing GCCMVS like crazy. I'm even planning on fundamentally changing the S/370 architecture to make it do things it was never meant to do, ie run 31-bit programs on a 24-bit operating system so that GCCMVS can compile itself completely on this platform and obviously any other large programs too.

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