I checked why I had so many comments in the second-last post, and found that we now have some decent commenters - Batman and Wolfen - great to see you guys! I also noticed that Foddy had decided that *I* was the racist. In particular, he seems to think that I am claiming that all Japanese are superior to all blacks. What a joke.

Of course we all know that it is Foddy that is the racist. He thinks that so long as there is a black person in charge of African countries, that's all that matters. The citizens of those countries don't need human rights or anything silly like that. Just so long as the skin colour of their dictator is the right shade of black, everything is hunky dory.

He is also racist in that he judges Japanese not by what they are currently doing (which is helping people, including blacks), but instead by what other Japanese have done in the past. This is the height of racism - judging people by the colour of their skin and transferring blame from guilty people to the innocent based on that common skin colour. It really is sick. But we knew that already.

Quite frankly, I'd rather be a colony of some other country with a black administrator such as Condaleeza Rice (although I have a problem with her apparent support of racial discrimination in favour of blacks), Ayaan Hirsi Ali (although I'd need to check these claims of her being a "feminist" (ie anti-male sexist)) or John Sentamu (I don't know anything wrong with him), rather than have a democratically-elected arsehole like Mugabe, or Chavez. I wouldn't go so far as to say that Australia is beyond self-governance for electing an arsehole like Rudd, but I'd at least weigh up the pros and cons. Rudd may not give a damn about foreigners, but he will still protect the human rights of Australians (unless you count the failure to protect against foreign attack), and won't even do significant damage to the economy.

Of course Foddy doesn't see his own racism, and he also doesn't give a damn about the fact that blacks never get pulled up for their racism. Some time ago I saw article on the BBC which led me to an African blog which says "I will almost always support a team that is fully or majority black against a team that is not. Does that make me racist?". The comments section led me to another article about why humans are racist.

The posts basically speak for themselves. The problems we have in this world are largely caused by racist non-whites, not racist whites as the media in both white and non-white countries would have you believe. I'd like to emphasize that this racism from non-whites is a purely NATURAL phenomenon. What is UNNATURAL is what has occurred in white countries, which is the government has gone to enormous efforts to make whites non-racist. ie getting whites to adopt an ideology of being anti-racist instead of pro-white. I've yet to meet a genuinely racist white person. Unless you start counting the 50% of white Australians/Americans/British who have stepped over the edge and decided that the best way to prove that they don't discriminate against non-whites is to start discriminating against whites, and actually becoming self-loathing whites, and expect the rest of us whites to go along with being second-class citizens.

Meanwhile, this focus on whites, which was certainly useful some decades ago, has now meant that whites are flogging a dead horse by trying to blame whites for everything and trying to fix whites, when the enormous problem of racism emanating from non-whites (such as our African friend above) has been covered up and not addressed. This is ultimately destructive for everyone, as this normally eventuates in hostile attacks from blacks, which will either land them in jail, or deny them opportunities in the wider world. I don't think Dale Carnegie would have suggested that approach. The whole concept is similar to when I see Christians initiating hostility when according to THEIR OWN RELIGION they're meant to be turning the other cheek even if the OTHER guy initiates hostility. One of the more absurd examples of this was when I saw George Speight (a coup leader in Fiji) talk about how he was going to kill the hostages, while he was on his way to friggin' church!!! Something needs to be added to the front of the bible saying "You - yes, YOU - before you pretend to be a follower of this book, you're actually meant to understand the basics of it and if you are committing violence against some innocent (whether they are Indians, Jews or any other group I can't predict you're going to start discriminating against) you are DEFINITELY not part of this religion, please stop giving it a bad name!".

Anyway, my ideology, documented in message 666, makes me an anti-racist. The fact that I include racist non-whites in the list of people I am against, instead of just the few racist whites who remain (mostly hidden), just gets his goat, because it's not the "done thing". How dare anyone expose racist blacks and Arabs (and anti-white whites for that matter) for the complete scum they are! Anti-white whites like Foddy are not race traitors. They are traitors to humanity, by actively trying to make the world a worse place instead of helping fix it. All the while thinking he is a brave hero helping the poor discriminated blacks and telling them to be angry at their white oppressors, and essentially ensuring that they wind up in jail. Nice going, Foddy. Any decent person would explain to them how the likes of Taiwan managed to pull themselves up - and it wasn't by sitting on their arses blaming whites for everything wrong in their lives.

I might be posting a bit more frequently now. I've got a backlog of things to comment on and need to flesh them out. So hopefully another post in a couple of days.

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