Iraq vs South Africa

The official figures from Iraq and South Africa are apparently 25 a day vs 52 a day respectively, with South Africa having twice the population thus being a dead heat rate-wise.

So when are we going to hear cries of "never again" to replacing white minority rule with a one-party Marxist state, rather than the current mantra which is "never again" to replacing a Saddam Hussein minority rule with a multiparty democracy?

And regardless, Iraq's previous death toll was apparently in the order of 100/day. Also, it's about time someone noted "The battle for Iraq always involved a grim calculus: would liberation save more people than it killed?". Actually, the calculus is more than that. It's not just getting a lower death toll, it's about freedom for the survivors.

Why did anyone bother fighting the Nazis anyway? Why not just surrender and avoid war? Does freedom have any value at all? I wish the anti-freedom people in the West would spend a year or so living in North Korea so that they would hopefully come back with a changed opinion about freedom. It's too late for them to experience getting their tongue cut out by Saddam, but I'm sure Kim Jong Il could come up with something along those lines? Maybe the anti-freedom females could be one of the dancers at Kim Jong Il's drunken parties? Taking "catch and kiss" to a whole 'nuther level.

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