Life Begins at 40

Well, there are a lot of really crappy sayings, and I always thought that this was one of them. Just like I thought Christians waiting for 666 to appear everywhere were the biggest bunch of idiots you could imagine. However, the truth was more complicated than that. The only age I've ever wanted to be was 18, when I suddenly gained my human rights. Or should I say, a whole stack of security forces started protecting those rights.

Anyway, today I turned 40. There is one more website that needs to be built. An NGO, with no religious affiliation, comprised of non-Americans who seek to eliminate the problem of anti-Americanism among non-Americans. And who also seek to protect America, and liberate the world. I have a religion doing that, but what's needed is an NGO that isn't headed by me. I tried to get Trinity to start one, but she was too busy to do that. But Kevin Wu, the recent Caliph of Taiwan, has expressed interest in starting such an NGO.

Previously in my mind, I was looking at Muslims as the enemy, and basically saying that the good Muslims need to speak up and identify the bad Muslims, so that they can be eliminated. But now I think that there is a better way of viewing the problem. From the American perspective, they are being attacked by non-Americans. It is really up to us non-Americans to identify the enemy within. Many anti-Americans are actually Christians, or professed Christians, anyway, living in places like South America etc. A South American recently told me that the South Americans were united in their hatred for America. I asked her how she had the audacity to call herself a Christian, and she terminated the debate.

So in the general case, America needs to seriously consider why it should put up with this threat from non-Americans. What benefit is there to America to allow non-Americans to continue attacking it? Think of it from the American perspective. Non-Americans are a strategic threat that should be eliminated. Unless we can convince the Americans that only some of us are bad. The onus is actually on us to explain who the bad non-Americans are, and take primary responsibility for dealing with our own vermin. We are free to ask America for help though. But we need to identify them before we can send the list to America. That is what I see the role of the NGO being. It needs to be created, and military solutions handed off to the American government. I think the American government is pretty rational and will respond to our rational suggestions. In fact, they'll be very happy that they don't have to take the rap for military action, they can instead say that they're just implementing the recommendations we gave them, and that if anyone has any complaints, they should come and see us. That is actually another form of protection.

Anyway, let's see what happens in my life now that I've turned 40 and about to see the birth of the NGO I want to see. Which will operate independently of the Mu'tazilah religion, which is another thing that needs to exist, along with NATO. Let's see indeed. :-)

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