Holy Cow

The unthinkable has finally happened. A black has actually stood up and looked another black in the eye and told him that he's a racist for discriminating against whites. God knows how many decades I've waited for someone to have the decency to do that. But here we have. Let's have a look what the man has to say.

He doesn't just call out Mugabe for being a racist, he calls out Mbeki (South Africa) for possible complicity in the crimes. Like wow, man. And to top it all off, this isn't just any black. This is some religious guy. I'm not familiar with the religious system in the UK, but he sounds like some bigwig. While the American religious figures will speak up against dictators, you don't see that in Australia. Here the religious figures don't dare buck the nasty and noisy left-wing. They're morally bankrupt.

And not only does this guy, John Sentamu, do the right thing, he even tells Britain to end its "colonial guilt" and to actually start interfering in Africa like it ought to. Maybe one day we'll see this guy even explain how Africa was far better off under British colonial rule, and that something similar should return until such time as Africans have demonstrated their ability to run something other than a kleptocracy. If I were living under a kleptocracy, that's what I would want, and based on the Golden Rule, I expect people like Sentamu to speak up and take action to get me a decent government.

It's interesting that Zimbabwe comes up. A guy in the train initiated a conversation with me a few days ago, and I mentioned that one of the reasons why I was wanting to be a teacher was to find out why foreigners were anti-American. This guy was wearing a suit and tie, and I thought that I would finally get a chance to speak to a Liberal supporter instead of the left-wing arseholes I currently work with. No such luck. This guy said that America was raping the world economically, and deserved everything it got. He didn't tell me exactly how America was doing anything other than making deals on the free market, but nevermind. His excuse for opposing the Iraq war was that Mugabe was ten times worse. I don't know why the existence of an allegedly worse dictator should mean that a lesser dictator shouldn't be toppled, but we didn't have time to get into that. He told me that I was living in a fantasy world, and I told him that he was. Then I needed to get out at my stop. I know the exact feeling the ANA must feel when taking on the Taliban. Complete scum sitting right next to me. Time for strategy and tactics to take him out. :-)

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