Death in Perspective

To tell you the truth, I still cringe whenever I see numbers like 330 US soldiers died in the last month, which is the highest month ever. I know how valuable those troops are, not just to their family, but to the whole world. Those troops could be being used to liberate Iran. It only took 100 troops to liberate Iraq, so one month's toll is actually the liberation of 3 countries.

However, I normally put it into perspective by reminding myself that 3000 Americans die every month on the roads, just so that they could visit granny quickly. If anything is a waste, it's that. Why not just videoconference with granny while the war is on, so that the overall US death toll doesn't change?

I thought what would be good would be if whenever the US military toll in Iraq was published each month, that the deaths from training accidents were also published, the road toll was also published, and the deaths from cancer etc were also published, so that we could keep things in perspective all the time. Then I thought there was no particular need to do that, we can simply look at the yearly tolls that are published. So I went looking for them. I came across this.

It is quite fascinating. Traffic fatalities registeres in the "perceived causes of death", but it is absent from the actual. Also there is an "also ran" (5%) of "unintentional injuries", which may include car crashes. But more than that, we can see the effects of the "world hunger" scam. Starvation/hunger is shown as the second-most common cause of deaths outside the US (Aids is number 1). But in the actual deaths, starvation/hunger doesn't get a mention. Aids does, and so does road traffic injuries. Basically, instead of the gullible Americans being sucked in to donating more and more money for the supposedly starving people out there, we should instead be campaigning for them to bomb the roads to stop those damn foreigners from driving cars and killing all those innocent motorists, especially the poor innocent children.

Honestly, this is the crux of my philosophy. There is a limited amount of charity people are willing to give. Whether that is 1% of someone's income, or 0.01% of it, whatever it is, needs to be spent wisely, as it is the most valuable thing we've got to work with, if we're going to fix this crap planet. That is why I want to channel it into wars of liberation, where we suddenly empower people to help themselves, instead of pouring water into sand. And if there was any justice in the world, the liberated country would in turn pay back the cost of liberation by funding the next liberation. Of course, there is no justice in the world, and everyone returns to suck at America's teat. Even me unfortunately. These people pulling off the "world hunger" scam are some of the most evil scumbags to walk the planet. They are draining a scarce resource that could actually be used to make a difference. The glorification of Mother Theresa falls into the same boat. How the hell does drinking people's saliva make the world a better place? If she campaigned against Catholicism, explaining that the directives against birth control are creating poverty, she would have been doing something useful. Instead, by identifying with Catholicism she helped make the world a worse place. Disgraceful. And you can add all these rock stars to the list too. When I see them campaigning for capitalism and good governance, including first-world oversight, I'll know they're genuinely interested in helping. They're not. They're only interested in their pathetic image. One day they will be held to account for what they did. One day.

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