There is no God

After an email conversation and a bit more thinking, I now have a new favourite model for the universe. We continue, as always, with the model of the universe as a computer simulation (which as it happens is not something I was the first to invent). The thing about computers is that there is actually no way to generate a random number. It's probably a violation of the laws of physics to say "ok, at this juncture go in a random direction". What that means is the entire universe is predictable. Once it is set up initially, the end result is preordained. This is existing philosophy also, called Determinism. However, under any sensible definition of "free will", we do in fact have free will. It's just that what we will choose to do with it is predictable.

Given the predictable nature of the universe, there isn't actually a need for a God to manage things. It just needs to be set up from the start. And again, we get another couple of things from existing philosophy. First, when I was an atheist, I firmly believed that there was no God, because God would not allow such horror to occur on earth. However, there was always the possibility that there was a God, who creted the universe as some sort of practical joke, and then promptly forgot about it. If there was a God, it had to be such a thing, although I was convinced there wasn't. Anyway, this is roughly Deism. However, this denies the possiblity of revelation, which is simply wrong, in hindsight.

Next we have Omphalism. This is the possibility of the universe only being recently created, with all history (fossils, memory etc) being artificially constructed. And this is also what I believe to be the case. Now let's put it all together.

Imagine you are living in a world with technology that we will have 1 billion years from now. Imagine the computer you have at your disposal. Also realise that we would long have figured out how to transfer our brains onto silicon. So all you have is a machine and another machine. All you have is data. What do you do with that data? Why, you run a computer simulation of course. Yes, you choose the nature of the simulation. And since it is predictable, you choose the ending too, to make sure when the simulation ends, you regain access to whatever data you originally had. In this situation, there is no need for an actual God. The simulation runs itself. So God, defined as "intelligent entity capable of creating the laws of physics", simply doesn't exist. There is no such intelligent entity. There is data stored on hard disk, which will presumably be retrieved at the end of the simulation, but while the simulation is actually running, there is probably no actual God.

What about the revelations? Ok, again, this is a straightforward technical problem. Given that the simulation is entirely predictable, and it is designed such that I will wind up deriving the formula for ushering in world freedom, in message 666 on Sept 11, 2004, and the events after that are also predictable, then the revelations can actually be CODED INTO THE OPERATING SYSTEM. There is no need for an actual intelligent entity sitting around for 37 years waiting to spring into action. It's simply set up in the initial programming instead. so, while there was indeed a God who set up the initial programming (and the revelations and miracle put paid to any doubt about that), God would have ceased to exist after kicking off the application. Otherwise God would have no entertainment. THIS is the entertainment! So in effect, atheism is sort of probably true. At least as far as "there is no God" is concerned. However, it's incorrect in saying that no God EVER existed. God not only kicked off the simulation, but he effectively transferred to my body. It is me who has been given the unique God-genes in this universe. I'll presumably be reunited with the rest of my data when the simulation comes to a conclusion.

This has been an amazing puzzle to solve. Forget mazes or crossword puzzles. The real world is an absolutely phenomenal challenge. One bit of information I had dismissed was the Muslims waiting for the Mahdi. I did solve the bit about restoring the Caliphate, but I didn't see any need for a Mahdi. Last night, an Iraqi from the Iraqi blogs contacted me, and I realized that he was probably the Mahdi. I am still waiting for confirmation. Hopefully with the Mahdi in place, every bit of the puzzle will have been technically solved. The problem will still remain to get the rest of the world to adopt the solution, but at least the complete solution will now be available. Science, Mahdi, Jesus, God, holy book, Caliphate, atheism, deism, omphalism, humanism, rationalism, materialism, all rolled into one complete hypothesis to explain the universe.

Anyway, I will let you know when I have any further information. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is millenia, literally, behind in their understanding.

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