Saddam's Logic

There is an absolutely fascinating document here. It shows what Saddam's "war plan" was during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Remember Baghdad Bob, that everyone thought was just Iraqi propaganda? It turns out it wasn't. It was Saddam's actual understanding of the war situation, as reported to him by his underlings. Remember how the bridges weren't blown by the Iraqis, and we were stunned at what it was Saddam had up his sleeve? It turns out that what he had up his sleeve was his fantasy world. He was busy defending a fantasy attack from Jordan (west) while the Americans were burning up from the south.

All he needed to do was watch western TV to find out what was happening, but he seems to have assumed that was all propaganda. It is like the lefties of today. This is what happens when they are mired in their own fantasy world, impervious to reason. Thank God that our enemies are lefties! On the other hand, if they weren't lefties, they probably wouldn't be enemies in the first place. However, if we are going to have enemies, let's pray that they don't use science and logic like western militaries do.

This is the excerpt from the article I liked the most:

In the end, it was impossible for Qusay and the Chief of Staff to accept Hamdani's warnings of impending doom when they had such a chorus of positive reports flowing in, announcing things such as "the Ba'ath knights, the great Republican Guard soldiers, and the Fedayeen Saddam attacked and forced the enemy to leave Al-Hindiyah ... the enemy had great losses in soldiers."

This is what the war was for Saddam and his cohorts. One big fantasy. Since America had actually bypassed all the cities and was heading straight for Baghdad, Saddam's goons were still able to send back these fantasy reports to Baghdad from all these cities. And he seems to have reasoned that if the Americans can't take those cities way down south, any thought of them approaching Baghdad was fanciful. Truly bizarre. When fantasy meets reality, and you end up in a spider hole instead of sunning it up on some island for exiled dictators.

Unfortunately I still haven't come across some sort of documentary on how exactly the Afghan and Iraqi wars were won from the western perspective. Does anyone have a link for either battlefield? I know there's the Wikipedia entries (here and here), and there's this link too (especially part 2), but I'm really after graphics showing the forces and arrows showing where they went, and I'm particularly interested in video and graphics of the charge from Bagram airbase across the two Taliban trenches, which put Kabul into the hands of the free world, one of the most wonderful days in history.

By the way, I've generally been busy discussing things with Taiwanese and others which is more productive than endless debates with lefties about how to recognize reality when it bites you in the arse, so I only infrequently come to my blog now. It is fascinating unlocking an entire culture like the Taiwanese. Not as fascinating as getting feedback from the Iraqis, but fascinating nonetheless. And getting the Taiwanese "with the program" would be a great boon for world freedom. The silence from them was excruciating. Let's get them on the map. We need everyone to speak up so that we can analyze the data and then take action accordingly.

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