Drawing Conclusions

One thing I love about the western world is the way we use science. Got a problem? No problem. Let's solve it. It's what we do. And here you can see one of the Iraqi bloggers noticing this. Here is what he had to say:

"The urgency of the situation makes it important to devote more and more time to this effort, which it seems to me, is drawing the attention of quite serious and important people, what I mean by important is that they are not reading or commenting merely for the fun of it, but really to arrive at some conclusions."

And that is exactly right. The time for genocide may or may not come. But first we need to find out what "logic" people were using that made them fly planes into skyscrapers in order to see if that helped restore the Caliphate. The answers to that question weren't to be found in Afghanistan. Afghanistan was full of Afghans. We needed to talk to some Arabs. And the smartest Arabs are in Iraq.

Something that is hardwired into every Russian brain is "geostrategy". It's also hardwired into my brain. I assumed that there were lots of people in the West doing the same thing. Trying to figure out a way to spread our ideology across the globe. At the time it was just given as "capitalism" and "democracy". It is only after watching the Palestinians elect their favourite terrorist group that you can tell that isn't the full story. But at the time, capitalism and democracy seemed to be a good start. And I assumed millions of Westerners were trying to figure out how to spread those things across the globe. The place to meet those people was on Alaa's blog, where people were basically asking "why the hell are some of you nutcases objecting to democracy?", over and over again. I didn't meet the millions I assumed were out there, but there were 100. But even those 100 turned out to be nothing like me.

I was throwing science at the problem of spreading our ideology across the globe. Trying to make sure my brain was 100% rational. Looking for the answers in science. In our genes. I lived and breathed geostrategy. Against the Chinese, the Russians, anyone who stood in the way of spreading liberal democracy across the globe. Using science. And warfare. Then came 9/11. And that was never a factor in any of my calculations. Religious wars are not part of geostrategy. So again, I assumed millions of western geostrategists saw 9/11 and said "pardon?". And then we all set out to figure out what the hell the Muslims were misunderstanding about geostrategy that they would launch a direct attack on the world's only superpower from a very very very weak position.

So millions of us sat down and thought and thought and thought to try to figure out why the Muslims weren't "with the program" and doing traditional geostrategy. We could clear up this minor misunderstanding and then return to the hard slog of traditional geostrategy and plot and plot and plot.

The answers were all in the Iraqi blogs, and the millions of us descended there. Well, the millions turned out to be 100. And then 1 person out of the 100 finally figured out the problem (with the help of the other 100). And then what happened? We found that not even 100 people were "with the program". There was only ever 1. 1 person from our side. Against millions of Russians. Millions of Russians trying to spread Russian supremacy. 1 person from the free world trying to spread free world supremacy using all available resources. 1 person who had devoted his life to liberating the world and securing the free world once and for all.

And then what do we find? Most westerners are too stupid to even understand what happened. Even after it's explained to them what happened while they were sleeping. Unbelievable. All it needs is an open mind, some patience, and basic morality to understand it, but very very few understand it. Oh well, nevermind. At least I won't be forced to recant by the Catholic Church like Galileo was. :-) One thing that the masses have succeeded in doing is securing freedom of speech without which I wouldn't have been able to solve the problem. Not only that, but I needed the freedom to advocate genocide, to find out people's reaction to that. Someone once asked me "does your country actually allow you to advocate genocide?". I said "I assume so, I've never heard of any restrictions on freedom of speech in Australia". I was given an *essential* tool that is denied from say a German. In order to AVOID genocide, I needed to ADVOCATE genocide. Because I needed to see what other people suggested as an alternative to genocide, so that I could evaluate it. I especially wanted reaction from the target group itself (Muslims). I wanted them to explain to me why they shouldn't be exterminated. It took a while, but I got all the answers I required (and then became a Muslim myself, once I was armed with message 666 and knew that Islam wasn't the problem any more than Judaeism with stoning galore wasn't the problem). But it is still dumbfounding that a full 2.5 years after message 666, people still don't understand its significance. Wait till the historians get their hands on that. :-)

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