Anglophone Peak

The best results the Anglophones have achieved in having the moral fortitude to support liberating the oppressed from state-slavery appears to be:

The US romping in at 69%.

The UK a close second at 66%.

Australia a distant third at 57% (on 2003-04-16), although there was an earlier poll that reached 61%.

Who would have thought that Australia could be beaten in the morality stakes? Australia has stood up for freedom in EVERY war going since creation in 1901. And now we've been beaten by BOTH the yanks and the poms. Unbelievable. Maybe we can make up for it by liberating Cuba one night without warning so we can gloat about the other two slackarses failing to even turn up when freedom's bell was being rung? We're going to have to pull some rabbit out of the hat. This is not the country I was led to believe we were living in. At least the Iraq war alerted me to the problem, so we can start dealing with the moral bankruptcy in our midst. Being bettered by the US and UK. Sheesh. How are we ever going to live that one down?

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